CATMAN2 Art for Sale

Matted Print: $20.00

Framed and Matted Print: $40.00

This is an introductry price for this art and may increase soon.





     This work of art came about from a collection of events and ideas. An explanation is in order.

     The design of the shelter building came about from a trip made to an aquarium. In the building one walks wide hallways and views the cats through large windows much like one watches the fish in tanks. There are three such rooms and the cats are viewed through four by eight foot sheets of Plexiglas.

     One of the first cats Catman found was named “Tabby” and it is Tabby that inspired him to continue with cat rescue. When Tabby died she was buried along the road leading to the new shelter and the road was named “Tabby Road” in her memory.

     One day, on a visit to Asheville, Catman found a print by Elizabeth that depicted four cats crossing Abbey Road. It was a take off from the cover of the l970 record album by the Beatles “Abbey Road”. Elizabeth called her picture “Tabby Road”.

     One of the songs in the album is “The Octopus’s Garden”.It tells of a peaceful place under the sea where one can visit an octopus’s garden and enjoy happiness and freedom. One of the rooms in the cat shelter is called The Octopus’ Garden.

     This print shows Ringo Starr, one of the Beatles, standing in the hallway looking into this room.  He sees fish and octopus swimming, and cats all around. The man holding a cat is Catman.

     The purchase of this print will help pay the costs to operate the shelter. We hope you will buy one and share it with your friends so everyone will know about Catman and the wonderful service he performs.