In 1996 Catman2 Inc. was born as a “Cat Exchange” The business card read “Feline Friend and Broker” The idea was to put out the word that we could find the cat of your dreams or find your cat a new home. The local shelters were very small. Most of the space was devoted to dogs and many shelters kept animals only a few days before they were euthanized. Cats needed help.  Catman2 attempted to link area shelters by phone (Few if any had internet connections) and then unite cats with people who wanted them and find new homes for cats that were no longer wanted or were strays. Catman called each shelter to learn what cats were available and what types of cats people had requested. Then attempts were made to set up an exchange. Most shelters had little interest in the idea and few offered cooperation. When a match was made many times the person who had requested the cat had, unknown to Catman, already found another cat and would not accept the one found or the shelter who had said they would hold the cat for which a home had been found would have already placed it with someone else or had euthanized it because its time was up. As a result Catman ended up with the sad task of informing a person the cat he had found for them was no longer available or if Catman had picked up a cat, only to learn the person no longer wanted it, his choice was to return the cat to the shelter,  knowing it might well be euthanized, or keep it in hopes  of finding it another suitable home. In this case the only option Catman could live with was the latter. This led to the need of a solution and Catman2 Inc.: cats only, no kill, non profit, licensed shelter, sanctuary, and adoption center was born.

     The original shelter was operated from a converted storage shed at Catman’s home. It could house about ten cats. Later the shed was enlarged to hold ten more. In time a small building was constructed to shelter twenty additional animals. Still later, another building was converted and the population was able to reach as high as 60.

     During this time innovative means of adoption were formulated: stories were submitted to local news papers, a plastering of posters in store windows and other venues informed the public cats were available, a web page was started, we hooked up with the world wide web with the help of , and cats were transported to other

locations, craft shows and street fairs, etc. where they could be seen and adopted. In the eight years since the first cat was brokered more than 1500 cats have been rescued and have found new homes.

     In the spring of  2001 plans were conceived to build a new ultra modern shelter. Cats moved into the new facility late in 2003 and, although the total complex has not been completed they are enjoying their new home. Rescues and adoptions are being made.  Plans are underway for a Grand Opening. Watch this page.

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