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Volunteer Application

Thank you so very much for considering volunteering for Canine Connections rescue!  There are many opportunities for you to get involved.  Please complete the following and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Should have any questions or suggestions, or encounter any difficulty with the online form or just want to get to know us, please don't hesitate to email us.

Your Contact Information
Your Full Name
Daytime Phone  Please include area code.
Evening Phone Include area code.
Your Age 
How Do You Want To Help
I am applying to:
Foster Pets Assist With Home Checks
Screen Owner Surrenders and Report Transport Pets
Place Pets Represent us at adoption events
Assist in Other Ways (Please explain below) Fund Raising Assistance
Why do you want to volunteer with Canine Connections?

If you are applying to FOSTER please answer the remaining questions.

Otherwise, please skip to the bottom of the page and click the SUBMIT BUTTON.

Matching You With The Right Foster Animal

Have you ever fostered a dog before?  Please tell us about that experience.

Approximately how many hours a day will your new foster be alone?

Where will you keep the dog while you are not home?

Do you own a crate?  Small  Medium  Large  No I Don't Own A Crate

Is there a limit to the length of time you can keep the dog until it gets adopted?  Please elaborate.  (How long can you keep the dog?  Why is there a limit?)

Are there any limitations on size, gender or characteristics/problems (behavior, medical or otherwise) you would rather not tackle?

Would it be okay if a pre-screened potential adopter comes to your home to meet your foster?
(By appointment only of course.)  Yes No 

Are you willing to take the dog to the vet for spay/neuter, microchipping, etc? (At Canine Connections expense)   Yes No 

Are you willing to assume financial responsibility for the every-day care of the dog? (Food, toys, treats, etc)    Yes No

Are you willing to brush up on doggie manners and obedience if necessary to make your foster more adoptable?  Yes No

Do you understand that the dog should NEVER be allowed off lead in open spaces?  Yes No

Are you willing/able to do preliminary homechecks and post adoption checks for dogs placed in your area?    Yes No

Are you willing/able to provide telephone support on training and behavioral issues for dogs you place?    Yes No

Information About Your Pets

Please list all current pets.  Include all animals residing with you, even if you do not own them.
If you do not currently live with any pets, please describe pets owned in the past.
List your pets by name, their species, and breed.

Are all the above animals current on vaccinations & heartworm preventative? Yes  No

Are they all spayed and/or neutered?  Yes No

If you answered "No" above, please explain why they have not been altered.

Information About Your Household Members

Please list the people that currently live at your residence or visit frequently.
(Please list relationship to you & their age.  We don't need the children's names.)

Does anyone in the household have any known allergies to animals?Yes No  If yes, please explain.

Does anyone in the household have asthma?  Yes No 

Information About Your Home

Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
Home  Townhouse  Apartment  Condominium  Duplex  Mobil Home  Other 

Do you own or rent? Own Rent

If you do NOT rent your home, are you the owner of the home? Who owns the residence?

If you live in a rental or are subject to condo/home owner's association regulations please complete this section.
This information MUST be provided at the time application is submitted or we can not process your application.

Do you have permission from your landlord or association to keep a dog? Yes No

Weight Limit or Breed Restrictions

Landlord (or Association) Contact Name

Landlord (or Association) Contact Phone

Do you have a fenced yard?  No  Yes  Type of Fencing
Fence Height    Type of Gates
Is fence solid & secure?  No  Yes  Can children open gates?  No  Yes
Comments on Fencing

Vet References

Vet Name

Contact Person

Vet Address

Vet Phone

Names of Pets Treated &
Name records are filed under

If you do not have a current vet, who is the vet you intend to see?

Personal References

Please provide us with a personal reference, not related to you.
(Name, address and phone number and relationship to you)

Almost Done!

How did you find out about Canine Connections Rescue?  Or who referred you? (Please be as specific as possible - Vet, Shelter, Friend, Newspaper, Internet, Other)

We require a home visit as part of the application process. Do you agree to a rescue representative visiting your home prior to & after taking in an animal to foster? Yes No

Any other comments you'd like for us to consider when reviewing your responses:

Your email address.  (Sorry we know we already asked but we need it again.)

Clicking the Submit Button will return you to our website.


Thank you so very much for your interest in volunteering to support Canine Connections. Should you have any comments or concerns about this program please take a moment to share them with us via email. We are always interested and open to your viewpoint.

Of course, our rescue organization is always grateful to accept donations, which will help us to continue to provide care to homeless animals until suitable forever homes can be found.  

We need you and the animals need you. Even if you do not adopt from Canine Connections or volunteer for us, please do what you can to help animals in need somewhere.

Canine Connections

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