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Thank you so very much for taking the time to complete this foster questionnaire.  This information will permit us to more effectively match you with a dog or cat in need of a foster home.  Bless you. 

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If you have ever fostered an animal before?  Please tell us about your previous fostering experience.

Are there any limitations or preferences regarding breed, size, sex or age of the animal you would be willing to foster?  If so, please specify.

Are there any limitations regarding the length of time you can provide a foster home? 

J and J will be responsible for the cost of any pre-approved veterinary expenses.
Are you willing to foster an animal with medical needs?   No  Yes

Are you willing to foster an animal in need of training?  No  Yes

Types, ages, and sexes of other animals in the home. How long owned?  Kept where?

Are the above animals current on vaccinations & heartworm preventative? Yes  No

Are the above animals spayed or neutered? Yes  No

Are the above animals friendly with other animals? Yes  No  

Please provide a description of your experience with dogs or cats. Please include any experience with training or special activities. 

Do you have an appropriate sized crate? Yes  No
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Approximately how many hours a day will the foster be alone?  
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Approximately how many hours a day can you spend with your foster?

What would be your response if your foster made a mistake?

Information About Your Home

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Is fence solid & secure?  No  Yes  Can children open gates?  No  Yes

What type of improvements are needed to make the yard secure?  How long is this likely to take?

If you have a pool, is it fenced?  No  Yes  Not Applicable
If you have a dog run is it secure?  No  Yes  Not Applicable

Have you checked the yard for dangerous articles, plants or anything that your foster could use to climb the fence?
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Are there any distractions outside your yard that could upset your foster? (i.e., neighbors dogs, loose dogs on the street, mischievous children)? Yes No 
Can children gain access to your yard?    Yes  No

Please list the people that currently live at your residence.
(Please list their relationship to you & age.  We do not need the children's names.)

Has your family discussed the pros & cons of fostering an animal?Yes  No
Is your life style such that friends, relatives and children gain admittance to your home, property and car without your supervision?  Yes  No
If you have children are you willing to teach them the proper way to handle a new animal? Yes  No
Are you willing to accept that the dog or cat may not like all your children's friends? YesNo
Does everyone in the family want to foster an animal in need?  Yes  No
What is your family's overall reaction to fostering?

Have you carefully considered how fostering will fit into your lifestyle?Yes No
What kind of food do you plan on feeding this foster animal?

Have you had any complaints about your pets?  Yes  No If yes, please explain.

Does anyone in the household have any known allergies to animals?Yes No  If yes, please explain.

Do you have a veterinarian you have used before & plan to use with your new foster?  Yes  No

Vet Name

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How did you find out about our foster program?  (Please be as specific as possible - Vet, Shelter, Friend, Newspaper, Internet, Other)

Foster Family Agreement

I want to help J and J Homeless Pet Rescue organizations provide a good temporary home for either an animal in need of adoption. As a Foster Family/Parent, I agree to adhere to all the rescue's regulations and requirements. I will foster the animal for the period of time as determined by the rescue organization and me. While the animal is in my care, I will follow the guidelines in the Foster Family Manual, socialize the dog to as many sights, sounds, people, and places as possible, reinforce the skills the animal already knows, reinforce good house manners, and report to my foster coordinator any problems or concerns.

The following are regulations, responsibilities and commitments of our Foster Families:

  • The animal I am raising belongs to either the family that has temporarily surrendered it due to personal hardship, or to the rescue organization for whom I am fostering.
  • While J and J's Homeless Pet Rescue will be financially responsible for food and veterinary expenses for the foster animal while s/he is in my home, I will keep accurate receipts for any pre-approved expenses incurred by me so that I may be suitably reimbursed or otherwise take a tax deduction.
  • I will give the foster animal love and attention.
  • I will foster the animal in my house and depending on age and behavior, it will sleep in a crate or on the floor in the bedroom or as discussed/approved by my foster coordinator.
  • The animal will have house training and in-house etiquette consistently reinforced. If I am fostering a dog, I will not allow it on any furniture, to beg for food, to jump on people at any time, or to mouth people. I will not allow any "rough housing" with the foster animal, playing tug-of-war, or chasing of the animal.
  • I will only allow the foster animal to interact/play with other pets under supervision.
  • I will familiarize the dog or cat with people of all ages and varied places and sounds. I will work on confidence in new situations and calm greetings with new people.
  • I will feed the foster animal according to my foster coordinator's specifications, and I will not feed it any table food or allow him/her to become overweight.
  • I will regularly groom the foster animal.
  • If my foster animal is a dog, I will walk him or her regularly on a loose leash and not allow the dog to pull on the leash.
  • I will not allow the dog to be off leash outside unless in a safe, fenced in yard. I also will not tie the dog outside unattended.
  • I will notify my foster coordinator immediately if any injury or illness should occur while the animal is in my care. I will obtain emergency veterinary care for the foster animal if necessary.
  • I hold J and J's Homeless Pet Rescue or any affiliate rescue organization for whom I am fostering harmless for any property damage or personal injury caused by the foster animal while he/she is in my care.

The information on my application is true and accurate. I have read the above information and agree to these responsibilities and understand them.  I also understand that if this agreement is not adhered to, the foster may be removed from the premises and placed elsewhere.  

Please acknowledge that you have read the above agreement and understand and agree to it by typing YES in the text box. This box must be completed to send the application. 

Any other comments you'd like to add for consideration of your application to foster an animal?

We reserve the right to inspect all homes and yards prior to approving any foster situation, or following any foster placement.  Is this okay?  No    Yes

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Thank you so very much for participating in our foster program.  Without people like you, we could not accomplish all that we have. If your have any comments or concerns about this program please take a moment to share them with us via email. We are always interested and open to your viewpoint.

Of course, J and 's Homeless Pet Rescue is always grateful to accept donations, which will help us to continue to provide care to homeless animals until suitable forever homes can be found.

James and Joanne Thompson
Email: jamesthompson@earthlink.net


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