Save-a-Pet Foundation is committed to saving animals from Alleghany County, North Carolina. Our mission is to:

  1. Aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of abused and abandoned animals;
  2. Provide humane care and treatment for all animals needing protection in the area served by the organization;
  3. Promote the importance of spaying/neutering and campaign for free/low cost spay/neuter clinics;
  4. Place rescued and homeless animals into permanent adoptive homes;
  5. Raise awareness of the shelter through public education;
  6. Increase volunteer participation and fundraising activities;
  7. Be advocates of animal welfare in the community;
  8. Provide euthanasia when it is deemed necessary as a humane means to end an animal's suffering;
  9. Participate in shelter activities that result in the placement of companion animals in loving, responsible homes; and
  10. Work towards the day when no healthy animal is killed. We are an organization of volunteers from all walks of life, united by one common goal; i.e., the welfare of animals.

Save a Pet Foundation endeavors to maximize the percentage of its operating budget, to directly benefit rescued animals, including the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats. We operate fundraisers and collect donations from individuals and corporations to support our mission. This organization shall not conduct or operate for profit, and no part of any profits from donations to our group shall enure to the benefit of any members or individuals.

If you need financial assistance to spay or neuter your pet, please download and fill out our Application for Financial Assistance to Spay/Neuter. Assistance is provided on a funds-availability basis.

Save a Pet Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity and all donations are tax deductible.

Download our complete set of By Laws.


Save-a-Pet Foundation
PO Box 44
Sparta, NC 28675
336-372-8744 (shelter #)