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Rooftop Kittens   before and after
 adopted by Hew and Janet
Calvin and Nitro
 best friends
Nala's Story  adopted by Russ and Katie
Three rescued pups
Grizzly a family's pride and joy

 Rooftop Kittens  

Before and After pictures of the Rooftop kittens.

Rooftop Kittens - so named because they were found on the roof of a building in uptown Charlotte. Rebekah is the petite tuxedo kitten; Elijah is the black kitten. Both have since been adopted into wonderful homes. Check out their story in our Fall 2005 newsletter.

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Just wanted to let you know we are still in love with Thor. He is such an affectionate boy. He is really beginning to understand his lessons. Dad takes him to the beach every day and they run. (He just came in this room to give me a kiss. He always has to know where we both are.) The other day he even went part way in the ocean so when spring and warm water come, Hew and Thor can go in together. They take long walks several times a day, play ball, play tug and do a little work. I take him for a walk when we get up in the morning and most evenings when I get home. He has only chewed a couple of things. We try to keep him in someone's sight all the time. He particularly likes to steal throw pillows. Also, there was a silk flower arrangement on the coffee table, but after several arguments, I lost the fight and the arrangement is now on top of the TV. Too much temptation. When Hew says no, he listens, when I say no, he thinks I'm playing! I guess I'm not the enforcer. I'm the lover. He likes me to sit on the floor with him and rub his belly while we watch TV. He can sit there forever with you doing that. It also is a good way to calm him down. He settles immediately when you do it. Please tell Michelle that Thor is very happy and so are his new parents. We thank her for letting us have him.

Thought you might want to see the latest photos of Thor. He loves the ocean now! Races through it chases the birds. We think he would love taking a good swim. He does, however, like using it for a toilet. Bad dog. He weighed in at 63 pounds on Sunday. He is beginning to fill in and we think he's gotten bigger. He has stopped stealing pillows and toilet paper and is absolutely the best boy. He does like to start out at night going to bed in our bed. So he starts between us until he thinks we're asleep, then he gets on his bed. What a character he is. He is beginning to get protective. When I'm home alone with him, he barks at everything. Much quieter when we're both home. He is very socialized and enjoys meeting new people. Although, every once in a while, he will appear leery of a man. He sits on command and will stay (sort of) when told. He still doesn't always come when told. I think that's more of his independence than not understanding the command. I walk him about 6 a.m. everyday and don't do any work with him. We just walk for about 1/2 hour or so. That's to work off his overnight energy so I can get dressed in peace. He has his routine and lets us know when we get off of it.

A week or so ago, I was doing some painting at the Horry County Youth Shelter. A teenage girl had been admitted the night before so she hadn't been enrolled in school yet so she was following me around. I told her about Thor, and she told me that when they lived with one of her mother's boyfriends they had a shepherd and she had pups and he took them all to the pound. The sad part of that is, she didn't think there was anything wrong with it. Never gave it a thought that the dog should have been spayed or that the pups would probably all be put down. Somehow kids have to be educated about the! treatment of animals. Anyway, hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the pictures of Thor. He is a wonderful son. I can't tell you how much we love him. There was a reason he was brought back to you and we're it. He really was supposed to be our guy !!!!!

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 Calvin and Nitro 

Daniela and Dwain, two Animal Adoption League volunteers, adopted Nitro (the tan colored pup on the left) from another AAL volunteer in March of 2002. Nitro was rescued from the York Shelter by the Animal Adoption League because 'his time was up'. They have recently adopted Calvin as well.

This is what Daniela and Dwain have to say about Nitro and Calvin:

Nitro has brought incredible joy into our lives. He is a very unique dog and has helped many of our foster dogs to learn to 'trust' in people again. Calvin is only 10 weeks old. He came from a very bad situation and we were asked to foster him. We fell in love with this little guy in a very short time and when the e-mails started coming in, we decided that there is no way we can let him go to another home. Calvin was very timid and scared, but thanks to Nitro's influence has since developed a very outgoing and funny personality. Both dogs are now best friends and they eat, sleep and play together 24 hours a day. Nitro used to get so depressed whenever one of our foster dogs would leave to go to a new home, but thanks to Calvin, he has now found a new 'forever' little brother.

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Nala's Story

This is Nala's new family, Russ and Katie Fricke.

Nala was rescued from a warehouse along with a litter of puppies, one of which had been killed by another dog.

When Nala came to the AAL, she was very sick. She had to receive several treatments for heartworms and it took about three months for her to get back to health. Because Nala had numerous behavioral issues, most of us had serious doubts as to whether she would ever be adopted by someone.

Russ and Katie fell in love with Nala the day they met her and they have both demonstrated that miracles do happen. They have and will continue to work with Nala to resolve some of her issues and Nala has become a healthy, happy dog.

She can now enjoy the life she never had. We are filled with gratitude and peace, knowing that this was truly a 'happy ending' for yet another animal.

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Three rescued pups

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My name is Beth Webster. I am a volunteer with the Iredell County Humane Society and I recently adopted a German Shepherd from the York Co. Animal Control with the help of Karen Penrod and you (Animal Adoption League).  I just want to thank you for all your help with these poor animals who have little if any hope for adoption.

Grizzly sleeps by my sons bed every night and is his (and my)  pride and joy.  I cannot imagine how she came to be at this shelter, but I'm so glad Karen informed me and we were able to save her and a few others. Without your help I would not have the good fortune of knowing Grizzly and she would have definitely been put down.  What a waste that would have been.  

Again, thanks so much and keep up the good work....Beth

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