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Why Adopt a Homeless Pet?

According the Humane Society of the United States, an estimated 8-10 million cats and dogs entered shelters last year. Of these, 4-5 million were euthanized by shelters. And this number doesn’t even include the starving and abused animals roaming our streets.

One wonderful reason to adopt a homeless pet – TO SAVE A LIFE!

Adapted from an article on titled "Why Adopt"

Thousands of pets are put to sleep every day. Some of these pets are purebreds; many are mixtures of various breeds. All of these pets deserve a second chance with an individual or family in need of a loving companion. Adopting such an animal is not only a good, cost-effective way to bring a new friend into your home, it may very well save the life of an innocent creature whose greatest desire is to find a home and family of its own.

When you adopt a pet you help an animal facility, animal rescue organization or Humane Society fulfill its mission of saving homeless, unwanted pets. Some of these pets originally belonged to people who weren't ready for the responsibility of pet ownership. Other adoptable pets arrived at a shelter because their owners couldn't keep them any longer. Still others are strays that wandered away from an often-neglectful home. All of them need owners with big hearts and the right attitudes.

Adopting a pet is a responsibility that requires you to carefully look at your reasons for wanting to bring a pet into your life. Pets should never be considered objects like furniture or similar belongings. Pets are real, live, breathing, loving creatures that need to be part of your family and not just part of the inventory. Pets will require some of your time and attention everyday.

There are certainly other ways for you to obtain a pet. You could decide you want an expensive purebred from a variety of breeder-types. You could get a pet from someone who doesn't want it anymore. But in these other choices you aren't giving the gift of life to a homeless animal that very much needs to become your newest best friend.

Just look around. There are endless choices of pet possibilities at your local shelter or rescue organization. You can find the dog or cat, kitten or puppy that fits right into your home and lifestyle. Carefully decide what kind of pet you want and need. More than likely that pet is here and has been patiently waiting for someone just for you!

When you adopt a pet from an area Humane Society, rescue organization or adoption facility, you free up space for another homeless, abandoned, or stray pets. Your actions, while they may seem small to you, are part of the ultimate answer to the great and growing problem of homeless animals in the United States.

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