Responsible breeding or not?

Rescue dogs come from many sources, but have you ever wondered where they are purchased or who puts them in pet stores before they are turned over to rescue? Are they responsible when breeding and placing the dogs? Who sells to pet stores? We will let you decide for yourself. Some of the rescues we take do have paperwork and you can see it below. You can also search the list of USDA inspections on some breeders by searching here for free.

We realize that rescue dogs are not right for every situation, and hope that you will contact us before purchasing an Italian Greyhound from a petstore or kennel. If you are not interested in rescued dogs, we would be happy to give you advice on how to find a reputable breeder or provide information or advice about owning the breed.

Kristie (2013) - She has some allergies that make her want to chew the hair off her feet, and was purchased from a feed store in central Nebraska.
Breeder: Harley Hansen, Chalk Rock Kennels, Scotia, NE
See Kristie's APR Paperwork & Sales Receipt, Sales Checklist, puppy vaccianations, and a cute thank you letter from the feed store.

Her breeder must have had a huge operation because this auction inventory was found online from when they sold all 234 of their remaining dogs at a terrible dog auction.

Minnie (2013) - She was moved between family members a few times and finally surrendered to rescue after 7 years due to a move to a different residence.
Breeder: Penny Stalder, Beaver City, NE
See Minnie's APR Paperwork.

Jetti Coco (2012) - This little girl was surrendered to rescue due to the family moving. They knew she was too shy and scared of people to be able to go with most families so they decided rescue was the best route to find her a proper home. Her breeder actaully surrendered all of her dogs to rescue in the Summer 2011, so we probably had at least one of her parents in rescue too.
Breeder: Marsha Schell - Schell Creek Kennels, Marysville, KS
See the Jetti's AKC paperwork, her sales receipt and health record.

Gino to the Max (2012) - This little guy was purchased at the Velvet Poodle pet store in Sioux City, IA and turned in to rescue within the first week of being in his new home. The pet store sold Gino to the previous owners with a low grade luxating patella, likely due to genetics. This USDA breeder (certificate 47-A-0590) has been cited previously for "inadequate vet care with excessively matted dogs", "dog enclosures not structurally sound, surfaces soiled, rusted, unsanitary, excreta and food waste accumulations", "dogs soiled", and "excessive fecal matter or excretia in the runs."
Breeder: Butch Olseth, Walthill, NE
To see the Gino's APR paperwork, here.

Holly & Noel (2011) - These two sisters were surrendered to rescue due to potty training difficulties. They were being kept in a garage with a space heater for warmth during the extremely cold winter of 2011.
Breeder: Viki Schnacker. Gothenburg, NE
To see the girl's AKC paperwork, click here and here.

Ginger (2010) - Ginger was part of a group of 37 dogs dumped by a woman on her ex-husbands property in September 2010. The vets who evaluated her diagosed her with hookworm dermatitis (hookworm larve in her skin), sarcoptic mange, and a severe skin yeast infection. This poor girl's skin was extremely red, inflamed, itchy, filled with puss and really in terrible shape upon arrival and one of the two worst skin problems we have ever seen. You can read more about it here.
Breeder: Name Unknown, 58535 863 Road, Wakefield, NE
To see Ginger's Intake Form from the sheriff click here.

Kiki (2010) - Kiki was surrendered to rescue in 2010 at only 17 months of age. We know her breeder's name since it came on a folder with her papers.
Breeder: Jacky Rosener, McDonald, KS
To see Kiki's folder here.

Buddy (2010) - Buddy was turned over to rescue due to a family emergency. We regularly see dogs from this "responsible" breeder.
Breeder: Deb Deirking. Liberty, NE
To see Buddy's AKC paperwork click here and his puppy record here.

Dexter (2010) - Dexter was purchased at the Pet Palace in Grand Forks, ND and surrendered to rescue by a family who was not able to handle a puppy. Dexter was sold to the puppy store, and the purchaser with luxating patellas which can cost thousands of dollars to repair and are passed in genetics normally. Dexter's breeder is listed on puppy mill websites (See this) and was suspended in 2002 from the AKC for a period of 2 years. Click here to see the newsletter which contains that suspension.
Breeder: Sharon Thompson, Lake Bronson, MN
To see Dexter's pet store paperwork click here and the breeder paperwork click here.

Charlotte (2010) - Charlotte was purchased from a Petland store in Omaha, NE and surrendered to rescue due to the financial crisis.
Breeder: Roberta Matschu? (maybe Matschull). Page, NE
To see Charlotte's Petland paperwork click here and her original breeder here.

Reina, Tanner & Dash (2010) - These three dogs were surrendered by a breeder who stopped breeding in 2008, and was moving to Montana. Tanner is the father of the other two dogs, and they were kept outside in a cage with little protection from the weather until we were asked to help find them homes.
Breeder: Shelley Summers. Hume, MO
To see Reina's United registration click here.

Chloe (2009) - This girl was turned in to rescue after being purchased at the Pet Doctor in Lincoln, NE. Her previous owner told us they felt they had to rescue her from the store's conditions. She was surrendered because a large breed dog in the house was being overly rough with her and the owners felt it was best for her safety and happiness to find a new home.
Breeder: Big Red Kennels, NE
To see Chloe's APR registration click here and the pet store warranty here.

Samantha (2009) - Samantha came from a loving home and lost her home due to financial reasons.
Breeder: Richard Jones. Osceola, IA
To see Samantha's APR registration click here.

Twiggy (2009) - This 8 month old puppy was placed in a home with a child who had severe allergies to dogs. The owner contacted the breeder to take her back but was told that once a dog is sold then they are not willing to take a dog back, especially after they had it spayed. The owner was trying to do the best for her by finding a new home via the newspaper, but finally decided rescue was the best route after most people hung up the phone after they heard she was fixed, likely wanting to breed her. They didn't want to see thier little girl live to be bred for the rest of her life.
Breeder: Leatrice McGuire. North English, IA
To see Twiggy's APR registration click here.

Shadow & Palee (2009) - Shadow & Palee were turned in to rescue both at 9 years of age from different owners. The owners knew each other, and let us know these two boys were from the same litter. Shadow had an odd large tumor removed from his rear back, and both dogs had small tumors removed from various places on their bodies.
Breeder: Malori Kennels, Lori M. Clark. Spencer, IA
To see Shadow & Palee's AKC registration click here and a letter from his breeder here.

Minnie (2008) - Minnie was purchased at a Petland pet store. Minnie came from a mass breeding operation based on the multiple USDA reports that shows they had 440 dogs at one point.
Breeder: Dean & Karen Grell. Vail, IA

To see Minnie's AKC registration click here. View the USDA Report on Other inspections yielded the following comments:

Description: GRELL'S K-D KENNEL
Date: 7/26/2004
Inspection File: None Available
Notes: * The inside of the buildings need a general cleaning to remove excess bedding, feed and dirt from the common areas. All facilities must be kept clean and neat. (Affects approx 150 animas) To be corrected by: 08-14-04.

* The outside runs on the whelping buildings need to have the accumulation of feces on the elevated flooring removed and maintained. All enclosures must be spot cleaned daily and sanitized at least every 2 weeks. To be corrected by: 07-28-04.

This inspection conducted with Karen Grell, owner and John Lies, ACI.
End of report

Obie (2008) - Obie was purchased from a petstore in Council Bluffs, IA. He was able to stay at his first home for less than a month before being surrendered to rescue.
Breeder: Mae E. Kinney. Burwell, NE
To see Obie's APR registration click here.

Gypsy & Turbo (2008) - Gypsy and Turbo came to rescue with four of their puppies. They were surrendered to a local Boxer rescue in SD. Once local breeders found out the rescue had puppies many tried to buy them for more breeding.
Breeders: Robert Heilman. Westport, SD & Helen Sauer
To see Gypsy's APR registration click here and Turbo's here.

Duke #2 (2008) - Duke was surrendered to the Nebraska Humane Society from his owner who claimed he had bitten her multiple times. He has not shown any agression in rescue and is a very friendly dog. We have evidence that he was in an alcholic home, and was not happy in the situation he was placed in.
Breeder: Van Lamb.
To see Duke's APR registration click here.

Francis (2008) - Little Francis was surrendered to a shelter in York Nebraska because she was placed in a home with children who tormented her repeatedly and enough she was fearful of children.
Breeder: Shellee Honcik & James Honcik.
To see Francis' AKC registration click here.

Scooby (2008) - Scooby was placed in a home where his owners felt he couldn't get enough attention, and due to this he was having housetraining issues for two years. When he arrived in rescue and was given the attention he needed his potty skills were perfect and he adjusted quickly to his new home.
Breeder: Kathy Bierman & Jerry Bierman. - Columbus, NE
View Scooby's AKC registration here.

Amalfi and Emma (2007) - These two pups were turned in due to housetraining difficulties after six years in their home.
Breeder: Deb Dierking. The pedigree for these two contain the kennels Pikop, Tapscott, Dasa, Dierking, Salswift as well as many many others.- Liberty, NE
See Amalfi's pedigree here and his pet registry here. Emma's can be seen here.

Freddie (2007) - Freddie came from a good home but they couldn't give him the amount of attention he needed. Freddie was obtained from a petstore because his joints were loose and he has a malformed jaw. His pedigree contains breeders such as Packs Pups, Knine and Deirking kennels.
Breeder: Linda Gates. - Tekamah, NE
See Freddies' pedigree here and his pet registry here.

Wyatt (2007) - Wyatt came in to rescue as a puppy under one year old from a family that was not ready for an IG. His pedigree contains dogs from Wood River, Packs Pups, Loves and Dierking.
Breeder: Linda Gates. - Teckamha, Nebraska
See Wyatts' pedigree and APR registration paperwork here.

Nicola (2006) - At only 8 months of age she was turned over because of house training difficulty. She was purchased from Fairview Kennel in South Dakota and her pedigree mostly contains dogs from Marchwind and Dierking.
Breeder: Darrel & Jeanne Mogck. - Yankton, South Dakota
See Nicola's pedigree here and here and her shot records here.

Bailey (2006) - This girl was given up because of the arrival of a new baby. The pedigree for this girl contains many breeders that are familiar to rescues such as Pikop, Tapscott and Reality.
Breeder: Allen D. Erickson.
See Bailey's pedigree here.

Shasta (2006) - Shasta takes prescription thyroid and allergy medication daily. Owners decided that Italian Greyhounds were high maintenance after 8 years.
Breeder: Marsha Schell/Deb Dierking - Marysville, Kansas/Liberty, Nebraska.
See Shasta's paperwork here.

Nestle (2006) - Owners decided that Italian Greyhounds were high maintenance after 7 years.
Breeder: Jay Huskey - Lincoln, Nebraska.
See Nestle's paperwork here.

Grayson (2006) - Purchased from Petland. Eventually turned in to IGCA Rescue due to house training. In 2006 two California IG owners contacted IG Rescue because they had purchased their IGs at a local Petland and Margaret was listed as the breeder. In December 2006, an O'Neill based phone number 402-336-4061 was selling 13 females and 5 males in the Omaha newspaper for a reasonable price because her puppy broker couldn't sell IGs anymore and she wanted to get in to another breed.
Breeder: Margaret Schultz - O'Neill, Nebraska.
See Grayson's paperwork here and here.

Drifter (2005) - Sold at a dog auction. We made the difficult decision to put him to sleep because he remained so terrified of people after nearly a year of rehabilitation.
Breeder: Martha Reed - Marshall, Missouri.
See Drifter's paperwork here.

Ramsey (2002) - Another rescue obtained this biggy iggy at a dog auction. He had no hair on the tip of his tail from being in a small kennel for so long and it took eight months to grow back. He weighed only 12.5 lbs and was so thin you could wrap your fingers around his ribs, and now he is healthy and weighs 22 lbs. Ramsey was terrified of people and would run to a corner and pee to avoid anyone. It took 3 years of rehab for him to trust all people.
Breeder: Rebecca Mosshart - Nashville, Kansas.
See Ramsey's paperwork here. If you look closely you can see through the black markings the information that was hidden.

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