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Be sure to check our Pet List on Friday night to see descriptions and pictures of the pets that are available at our adoption centers on Saturday and Sunday.


Good morning! I wanted to let you know that Ember is doing great! She is such a sweetheart. She hid the first night but spent last night in her kitty condo, and is eating really well. She played for a long time with my daughter and she purrs so loudly. We are completely in love with her.  Thank you for helping her be such a sweet girl. She is already bringing so much joy!

Not sure if you guys collect pictures of kittens that have been adopted, but I captured this sweet picture of Nessa (formally Tiffany) and Alice (formally Meadow) that were adopted in the beginning of August. 
Both are doing great and adjusted to their new home :) 

Hi :) Ray aka Murphy is doing great :) what a personality he has omg. So, in love with him. He's bringing life to my older cats. All is great.

It's been a year since we adopted our baby girl Bridget from ARF.  I wanted to send you an update and our thanks. To describe her as sweet does not do our Bridget justice.  She is that, but so much more.  She is joy on four legs and brings love and fun to everyone.  She is a bit of a clown and very playful with us as well as her pack mates.  When not playing, her favorite activity is to perch precariously on the back of a chair near the windows and watch the world go by. We all love her immensely.  In fact, everyone she meets, is instantly smitten. We are happy every day that we brought her home.  Thank you for making that possible. Let me know if you find another poodle in need of a home.  I might be able to find room.
Best of everything in your continued good work.