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We are always in need of monetary donations to help out our orphans, especially our special needs pets.

Please consider giving us a donation, whether it be $1 or $100. The animals always appreciate it. Paypal donations are great, or checks can be mailed to us at the address below.

You can also help by donating items the shelter needs to help keep our animals safe and healthy.

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Save our Seniors

Save our SeniorsOften times, senior dogs are the last to get adopted because of their age. What people often don't realize is that seniors are often the best dogs to adopt. They are already housetrained, well mannered, and all they want is some attention. Don't our seniors deserve to live out their golden years in a great home? Please scroll down to see our wonderful senior pets. We're positive that you will love them as much as we do.

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Pets with Special Needs

Special Needs PetsThese poor babies are our special needs pets. These orphans are in need of monetary donations, foster homes, and/or experienced forever homes. Please open your heart and help out our special needs pets.

We also highlight those pets which have been with us at the shelter for a while and may be running out of time!

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Adoption Policy & Paperwork

The Camden County Animal Shelter provides adoption services for cats and dogs. Adopting a homeless pet can be extremely rewarding. You save a life and receive a lifetime of love in return. Adopting any pet is also a lifetime commitment that requires careful consideration. One must allow the proper time, patience, and funding and should consider family and lifestyle issues when making this choice.

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