Noah's Ark Animal Rescue and Placement
Pet Adoption Application

The following information is requested so we can assist you in the selection of a new pet.
The animal.s welfare is our foremost concern.
The consultation process is designed to help us assist you in finding the animal most compatible to your lifestyle.

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Is anyone home all day Yes No *
If no how many hours will the pet be left alone in a 24 hour period *
Where will the pet be kept when alone *
Are you financially prepared to give your new pet routine and emergency medical care such as rabies vaccinations inoculations preventative medications exams for parasites earmites etc Yes No *
Would you object to a visit or call from a Noahs Ark representative to see how you and your new pet are doing Yes No *
Do you want the dog for a (select all that apply): House Pet
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Do you realize you will probably have to housetrain the dog Yes No
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Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No
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Are you familiar with feeding recommendations for a dog/puppy? Yes No
You may use this space below to add any information that you want included and considered along with your adoption application.


If you have trouble with this application, you can download our Microsoft Word compatible version HERE