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March 28, 2002
We are officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!! Now to come up with ideas for fund-raising. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted by email to nikigrab@yahoo.com

February 27, 2002
Niki's F.E.L.V. Rescue is now officially a corporation (acceptance as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is pending, which means the paperwork is at the IRS but not yet approved). Soon, I will be officially non-profit and can give receipts for tax deductible donations (hint, hint)

2002 has brought many new cats/kittens to Niki's Feline Rescue. Please won't you open your hearts and homes for these special furbabies?

Who Niki Is
Niki's F.E.L.V. Rescue is a rescue for feline leukemia positive (FeLV+) cats/kittens. Because so many people are not familiar with the disease, these furbabies are often euthanized once they are diagnosed positive for FeLV. This should not mean an automatic death sentence. A large majority of them can live long and happy lives symptom-free with good food and a low-stress environment.

Because of the difficulty in adopting these special furkids, my rescue is dedicated to their care and comfort for as long as needed. This rescue is not a shelter but a hospice/sanctuary. The cats are cared for in my home where they live cage-free. Even though some may not have long to live, they are loved and cared for to the very end. Many have asked, "How can you do this?" I reply, "How can I not?" Sometimes it's hard, but each one is loved, and in return they give me so much more love that I sometimes feel full to bursting. A few times I would think "no more" but then I see their eyes asking for help - I cannot refuse.

What is FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus)?
The Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) is one of the most common and destructive of all cat viruses. It is contagious and is spread primarily by saliva during cat fights, grooming or mating. The virus is also spread by blood, urine and feces. Kittens may become infected while still in the womb, when the mother bites off the umbilical cord, or during nursing.

Not all cats exposed to FeLV become infected. About 40% of exposed cats have immune systems that destroy the invading virus (usually adults). The remainder of exposed cats become persistently infected (30%) or develop a latent infection (30%). The latter group has inactive virus in their bone marrow, and these virus particles may later become active when the cat becomes ill from another disease, stress or certain drugs.

The mortality rate of kittens is unfortunately very high but if they survive to adulthood, their chances of survival are better and many can live symptom-free and healthy for a good number of years with a stress-free environment, good food and lots of love.

We are now selling on eBay, all items marked 'Charity' are my rescue auctions, and ALL of the proceeds benefit the kitties! Click on my eBay button on the side menu for my auctions.

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