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Adopting a Bichon

How to Adopt a Bichon

Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue has a rigorous screening process, which includes a comprehensive application, a vet reference, and a home visit. The FIRST step toward a possible adoption would be to complete and submit an application. You can access our online application by clicking here. Please be patient. We get a large volume of mail and it takes awhile to sort through applications. For a comprehensive listing of available pets, click here.

Once we have reviewed your application and have determined that your home might be ideal for one of our dogs, we contact your current or previous vet for a reference. Following a satisfactory vet reference, we will contact you to schedule a home visit. After a home visit, and assuming ALL aspects of the screening process have been satisfactory, your application would be approved, and you would be eligible - along with other approved applicants - for a possible future adoption.

Throughout the screening process, it is important to be PATIENT, and to remember that we are all volunteers, and most of us have jobs & families. We work as quickly and efficiently as is humanly possible.

Our Vet Care

Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue takes responsibility for ALL veterinary care prior to adoption. Once the dog leaves our organization, any health issues have been addressed, unless of course they are ongoing. In that case, we fully disclose to adoptive families what the dog's ongoing medical needs will be. This vet care includes rabies and distemper shots, heartworm test, spay/neuter (if necessary), dental (if necessary, including any necessary extractions), and any other veterinary care that is in the dog's best interest. Some of our dogs are young and healthy, and merely require the standard visit for shots and possibly neutering. However, we often take in sick dogs and absorb tremendous veterinary expenses prior to adoption. You can learn more about these special dogs that need extraordinary vet care by visiting our donation page.

Our adoption fees range between $125 to $275, depending on the age and health of the dog in question. We will discuss adoption fees with potential adopters during the screening process.