Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue
Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue
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Help Us, Help Them
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Delaware Valley
Bichon Rescue
711 Chapel Road
Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
phone: 856-829-7615
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About us

Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue is a non-profit (501c3), volunteer organization dedicated to helping bichons and bichon mixes who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or surrendered by their owners...OR who find themselves at a shelter, looking for a new home. On rare occasions, we also take in other breeds, primarily when they come as part of a PAIR along with a bichon. We serve families as far north as Massachusetts, as far west as Ohio, and as far south as North Carolina. The region where MOST of our activity occurs is the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware region - also know as the "Delaware Valley". Our offices are situated in New Jersey, but our rescue efforts are far-reaching! If you are interested in adoption outside of our region, please visit to locate a volunteer or organization closer to your own geographic area.

We endeavor to find the BEST possible home for each and every dog we take into rescue. This means that we are advocates for the DOG first. Prospective adopters should bear this in mind and try to be patient as we review each application and evaluate each dog's personality to find the BEST possible combination. While some dogs stay in foster care for extended periods of time, and others are placed relatively quickly, the AVERAGE stay for a bichon is about 6 to 8 weeks. This gives us the opportunity to fully evaluate the dog's individual personality and needs, and also affords us the opportunity to complete our screening process with each interested family.

If you are interested in helping our cause, there are a variety of ways you can do so. Contact us for further information about various volunteer here to make a donation to our cause.

Why bichons need rescue

Bichons are surrendered to our rescue organization for a variety of reasons. Some of these include divorce, death of a family member, birth of a new baby, improper or non-existent training during puppyhood leading to inappropriate behavior during adulthood, and many other reasons as well. While SOME bichons have serious health or behavioral issues associated with neglect or abuse, MOST are "regular" pets who can no longer stay with their families for a variety of reasons.

Is a Bichon right for you?

Many people are attracted to bichons because of their happy-go-lucky antics, beautiful coats, small size and "hypo-allergenic" qualities. Please be aware that while bichons ARE small, they require large amounts of exercise and companionship in order to remain happy and healthy. Bichons are NOT hypo-allergenic. Allergies are caused by a variety of factors, including a dog's saliva, dander, and fur. ALL dogs have dander and saliva. While it is true that bichons do not shed, this does NOT necessarily mean that a person with allergies can live with a bichon. In addition, bichons are a high-maintenance breed. They require daily brushing and frequent professional grooming. They often live 18 - 20 years and beyond, and nearly ALL of those years are quality, puppy-like years. For further information about the pros & cons of this wonderful breed, please visit

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