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Rehoming Request

Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue works with families to help find new homes for their dogs when the families have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from being able to care for their canine friends. Please fill out this entire application to the best of your knowledge.

Our "Transfership of Ownership" form will need to be completed, signed, and turned over at time of surrender. If you'd like to review this form, please click here.

DVBR would like to reassure families who need to place their dogs in rescue that we have a rigorous screening process. Each potential family must first complete a comprehensive application. After we scrutinize each application, we contact the family's current or previous vet for a reference, and then we do a home inspection. Each dog's individual personality is considered when we look for a specific home. We will work hard to find the BEST possible home for every bichon that finds his/her way to our doors. Families who need to relinquish their pet/s to rescue are welcome to call or email us for additional information.

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