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This page is intended to be a place where our adoptive familes can "show off" in a manner of speaking. We often get really unique photos from people who are sharing a special moment with their new family member. This is a page devoted to those special moments.

We like to showcase the fact that the lives of these little dogs have definitely changed dramatically — FOR THE BETTER! Please visit often. We will be adding photos periodically, as we receive them from all our families!

Jesse and Fluffy McCurdy...just back from the groomer.

Meet Dr. Corey Jacobson

Mr. Lincoln enjoys breakfast at the beach house.

Murphy Doelling of Riverside, NJ...ready to celebrate the 4th of July!

Roxy Kirsh "taking a load off" thanks to her dad! (note the street sign!)

Jesse McCurdy

Murphy Doelling of Riverside, NJ waits for dinner to be served.

Oakley wants to join in the fun!

Guarding the house from predators.

Teddy, adopted by the Barnetts from Delaware must be QUITE a patriot!

Sinbad & his bichon-brother, Spunky share some "puppy love"!


Casper - just a cowboy at heart!

12 year old Stoli...all dressed up with no place to go!

Taffy came to DVBR in 1/2003. Now Scrappy - biking with his new "dad", Steve Wszolek of Philadelphia.

Pascal, a DVBR rescue dog, says "Dogs who read... ACHIEVE!"