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Delaware Valley
Bichon Rescue
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There are two types of bichons that people are at times less than enthusiastic about adopting. Those two types are ELDERLY bichons, and bichon PAIRS. We don't quite understand peoples' reluctance, because we think either variety is just wonderful...but nonetheless, pairs and/or elderly bichons can sometimes be in foster care for quite some time before they are finally adopted. We'd like the general public to be aware of how wonderful such adoptions can be! Please read some of the testimonials of our families below. These people all took a chance on an older pet (OR TWO!) and have never regretted it!

An old dog's prayer
Some of us are nine or ten
We will never be young again

The time we have left we'd like to share
That empty space beside your chair
A little stiff sometimes we might be
But in your loving company
That little bit of care we know you'd show
Would get us up and on the go
We are not so young, we are not so fit
A faithful friend is what you'll get
Take us home and you will see
Just how grateful we can be
When you go out we will sit and sigh
We miss you friend, and that's no lie
When you come home, the joy we feel
We will stay beside you at your heel
Our wagging tails and big brown eyes
Show you that there are no lies
No deceit, no falseness here
Just love and trust and lack of fear
We know we are home, we are here to stay
From now until our dying day
So thank you friend for giving my friends and me
My last few years with company.

- Author unknown
Sweetie & Lucky

Sweetie & LuckyAdopt TWO dogs? Absolutely NOT...I couldn't possibly handle way!

Soon after I had decided that the bichon was for me, I located DVBR and applied to be an adoptive mom. Susan Dare responded to my application & told me that she had not ONE, but TWO little ones who fit my criteria, but that they were a pair that could not be separated. Was I interested? Needless to say, I agreed. Sally (formerly Sweetie) and Lucky have been living with me for 2 years now.

These two little 'kids' absolutely make my life so much more complete than it could possibly be without them. And how does having two fluffs do that? They are SO funny together, especially when they play tug-of-war with a toy or demonstrate their personalities. Sally, who weighs about 5 lbs. less than Lucky, is definitely the BOSS. When they have been separated for some time - going to the vet or groomer for example - they literally hug each other when they are reunited. Although I am retired, I am quite active and go out frequently. I know they keep each other company during my absences.

Having two dogs requires very little extra effort than having one. There is more expense, but so far my dogs have been pretty healthy. This has NOT been a burden for me, and the rewards are more than worth it! In fact, I don't think I'd ever want to have only one bichon. I highly recommend two-fluff households!

Angela Miotto, Greenbelt, MD

Tasha & Rocky

I've had Tasha & Rocky since the summer of 2002. They were up for adoption through DVBR as a pair, but many folks didn't want to adopt two together. As you can see, they really make themselves comfortable! Individually, they are as different as night and day - but they were just meant to be together. I am thankful everyday that they were not separated. Not only was the adoption of a pair good for them but it was equally good for me. I would recommend to anyone who believes that two are more work than one, that they also give twice as much love. It is a joy watching them play together, and relieves the guilt pangs of leaving them alone at home when necessary. This is the first time I have had two at one time, but hopefully it will not be the last.

Sandy Schulz, Hamilton Square, NJ

Brutus & Toby

Brutus & TobyAbout 2.5 years ago, my daughter and I adopted a 10 year old Bichon from DVBR named Brutus.We fell in love with him, and decided 4 months later to adopt another bichon, Toby, who was about 9 years old. They are both adorable, highly affectionate, and they love to play with us. EVERYONE who meets them is surprised at their ages (now 12 and 11), because they are so friendly and have so much personality. Toby has some vision problems, but he's even more frisky than Brutus. Given the opportunity, he would play all day!

Although I admit to worrying about caring for two dogs, it has not turned out to be that much more trouble. In several ways, it has been an advantage to have two dogs. When my daughter has a friend visit, there is no arguing over who gets to walk the dog, because we have one for each. When we walk Brutus and Toby, our "twins" inspire alot of friendly conversation in the neighborhood. And when I leave them alone in the house or in someone else's care when I leave town, I feel better knowing they can keep each other company. Most of all, they fill our home with love!


PeppyMy husband and I adopted Peppy 2 years ago (or was it three)? Anyway he was 9 at the time and our 3rd Bichon, all of whom were older and rescues.

Peppy is as much fun as our 3 year old pointer and can keep up with her in all their doggie games. He is a sweet gentleman who thinks he is still a lean mean machine when it comes to the mail, garbage, or Fed Ex trucks. The first to lead a "dog alert" for all of the above, the first to welcome people at the door. He loves kids especially boys, so he must have had boys in his other home.

Once in a while he will even give the cat a run through the house but as he knows dogs are better than cats (the cats don't know this of course) that is not a frequent thing.

He is as loving as any puppy, more devoted as he needed a new home and is thankful for it. He is my constant companion, unless he needs to be at the front door and keep watch. This is only when my husband is at work and the front door is opened. Peppy loves to lay by the screen door. He plays and has zoomers running here and there when his happiness just overflows.

Getting an older Bichon is getting a true friend. They are housebroken, have very few bad habits, are used to noise and used to people (usually, unless they have been badly abused) and devoted to their families. You couldn't ask for a better friend. He is the Freckles' best friend (our other dog). All three cats like him because he is calmer than Freckles, who still acts like a huge puppy most days.

I am so thankful I found Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue on petfinder, and saw Peppy. I just knew he was the one for us. We live quite a long way from DVBR's area, but it was worth all the extra work to make him one of our family.

Jobeth Fjell

Mickey (formerly Bear) & Max

The best thing we ever did was to adopt 8 year old Mickey (formerly Bear) and 10 year old Max on Bastille Day 2002. Mickey had been mistreated and thrown out of a car on the highway. Max could not stay in his home due to illness. When we heard about Mickey, I wanted to adopt him and also adopt Max so that he could help Mickey to get to know what a dog's life is supposed to be like. Well, everything could not have worked out better. The two of them became instant friends and act like brothers who have never been separated even though they had never met before the adoption. Mickey is also deaf but is no trouble at all and makes his needs known to us by his actions. Mickey and Max are always together and follow me around the house. I call them "my entourage" or "my shadow" they are just great, lovable dogs. As for their age, Mickey is now 9 years old and Max is 11 years old.Max Of course, Max thinks he's a puppy and runs around the yard chasing stray rabbits and keeping guard over his territory while watching after Mickey. Mickey thinks this is great and helps Max by following him everywhere. Having two dogs is no trouble at all, in fact, it's much better than having only one dog, because they keep each other company. Contrary to what some people may think, it is not any more work than having one dog! As I'm typing this the two of them are laying side by side next to my desk. As for their age, they are both lively and active and you would never know how old they are by their actions. In fact, one day my neighbor asked me "How big will your dogs get?" I had to laugh when I told her they are as big as they are going to get since they are 9 and 11 years old Bichons Frises. She thought they were puppies because of the way they act.

Thank you again for letting us adopt these two wonderful dogs, they have brought great joy into our lives and we are looking forward to many more years with them.

Irene & "Bud" Fischer
Agawam, MA


MollyI have enjoyed 8 yr. old Molly ever since she came to live at my house. It is like she was here forever. She is a real joy and all the children from church and my music Students love to visit with her and lay up on the bed and watch Cartoon Network. It is her favorite show.

Andi Kovacs


WillieWillie (Prince William) was supposedly 8 or 9 , but when I went throught the various vet papers that came with him I discovered that he was about to celebrate his 10th birthday, which he did last month. He has the metabolic disorder that causes him to make bladder stones and requires a special diet as well as medication twice daily and maintenance care with the vet every 3 months to make sure he is not forming any more. Prevention is best, but early pickup so they can be irrigated out is better than later surgery. Any way , we wouldn't trade him for the world; he has his own funny quirky personality and his favorite people. Sleeping with my shoe in the bed with my husband when I work nights is one of them. Bringing his leash to you in his mouth is another when he wants to go out. He is very active and loves to run around iin circles in our downstairs rec room because it is carpeted - more traction than the hardwood floors. One quickly falls into a routine with a dog like this and the few extra things to do just become part of this routine. His devotion and company more than make up for it.

Kathie Kenders-McCreary


JasperAround Christmas of 2000, my wife and I had just adopted a wonderful young bichon from the Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue. Scooter was about 6 months old and we were crazy about him. We were interested in helping the rescue so I volunteered to pick up two dogs who had lived with an elderly woman who had suffered a stroke. They were neutered males, one supposed to be 10 and one to be 11. I was to transport one of the dogs to a fellow rescuer and foster one until the rescue could find homes for them. This was my first experience with real rescue and I will never forget it. I had no idea what to expect, but Susan Dare had warned me that dogs were not always pretty when they came into rescue.
I was astounded. The dogs were in the worst condition of any living animals I had ever seen. Neither of them could walk. I couldn't begin to guess the last time they had been fed or bathed. For a second I wondered if the humane thing would have been to take these dogs to my vet and have them put out of their misery. I had agreed to transport them, so I set out for home. My wife and I were sure that Jasper wasn't going to live out the month. He couldn't even stand he was so feeble. I took Jasper to my veterinarian who checked him out. Jasper had six teeth which were rotten and needed to be pulled. The vet said that the reason that Jasper was not walking was a combination of arthritis and the fact that he had had very little exercise and his muscle tone was poor. The vet recommended that we not give Jasper any shots because he was not in good enough health.

Within a week, Jasper was walking shakily in my backyard. He could drag himself up the stairs (one step at a time sideways.) Whatever room my wife and I were in, Jasper was in. He wanted to be with us. He couldn't get or give enough love. You could literally see him gain strength daily. I have never seen a braver or more inspirational animal. Jasper lets nothing stop him from doing what he wants. He now is able to jump up onto chairs to sit with us. He eats dry kibble even though he has very few teeth. He loves vegetables (especially carrots!) and he goes for walks of up to 45 minutes with no ill effects.

Jasper has been an inspiration to my wife and me. It is hard to feel sorry for daily aches and pains when you see the problems that Jasper has had and how he rises above them. He has given us much more than we have given him. He still lives with us and my vet sees no reason why Jasper shouldn't live for several years.I know that I have done the right thing with Jasper and would never hesitate to take in another bichon senior citizen. Scooter, the puppy we adopted has been a wonderful dog. BUT we love and value Jasper just as much.

Bob & Ann, Warminster, PA


LilyWe are retired folks, and just like us, this little old girl needed peace and quiet, good food and soft cushions; she needed to be warm and cozy in the winter, and enjoy cool breezes in the summer. Her life now consists of warm laps, oatmeal and toast breakfasts, nighttime snoozes on a soft pillow in a comfortable and cozy bed; car rides in a shearling-lined car bed; nightly neighborhood walks alongside her Bichon brother, Mr. Lincoln. Lily

No one could have ever described to us how we would feel adopting an elderly pet - the pure and absolute satisfaction gained from knowing that we are the trusted caretakers for this deserving and adorable little girl. The first eight years of her life were indescribably horrible, but because Susan Dare entrusted her to us, she will only know tenderness and love for the rest of her life.

Sue and Vinnie Yesalonia
College Hill - Easton, Pa.


NuggetOn August 30, 2001, Nugget came into our lives. He was almost 8 1/2 then and a very calm and sweet doggie - perfect for our family. My husband Robbie was an invalid at home fulltime, too ill to work and definitely not able to chase after or entertain a younger Bichon.
Bichons love to "blitz" or play what we call "you can't catch me". Even our 8 1/2 year old Nuggie would love to blitz or play keep away now and then, but most of the time he likes to just hang out at home or in our gated yard. We installed a doggie door so Nuggie could get outside to pee or just chase butterflies whenever he wanted to.

Nugget and I are best pals, now. My Robbie passed away last December, on Christmas night. Nugget's by my side wherever I go in my house or the neighborhood. Everyone knows Nugget. He loves children. Nugget has also been my gateway to our neighborhood. My husband was chronically ill, and then became so sick after we moved here in October 2000, so we had not gotten to know many of our neighbors right away and Nugget helped us with that, too.

Now, I call Nugget my "love sponge". He just soaks it up - every minute we're together. He loves belly rubs, too. He keeps me company now that Robbie is gone, and reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a sweet, loving and calm companion - my little "love sponge".

Sue from Maple Shade, NJ

Rober & Renny

We just adopted Rober (8 yrs) and Renny (11 yrs). They were life long companions and kept each other company (as well as us now!). They have lots of love to give and have a puppy like spirit about them regardless of their age. These types of dogs tend to live into their 20's and they have lots of life yet to live. One of the nice things about older dogs is that they are already trained and housebroken and sleep thru the night!! Hope you adopt a Bichon senior TODAY!!

Roberta Ahmed, Delaware

Andy & Teddy

I brought home Andy, a 10-week old bichon puppy from a local home breeder, when I retired in May last year. He was adorable, but he was wearing me out with his energy. I remembered that my mother had two poodles for 15 years who kept each other company, so in August I started exploring adopting another bichon for Andy to play with. I lucked out with Teddy, who was a 10-month old puppy I found on from the Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue site. They bonded right away. It's been over a year since my two guys have been with me, and things couldn't be better. The dogs play and sleep together, and are very good when I walk them, which is a lot because I do not have a fenced yard. I recommend adopting pairs of dogs. There is no guess work about how they will get along since they have already bonded with each other.

Sybil, Freehold, NJ

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