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Chili Pepper

Hi Aunt Mary,

We adopted Chili Pepper on Thanksgiving about two years ago.

ChiliPepper-01.jpg 400x533

I wanted to send you some NEW pictures so you could see how he is doing two years later.

ChiliPepper-02.jpg 400x533

As you can tell from the pictures, he isn't very big! He only weighs about 40lbs. Chili is definitely all bark and no bite. He's nicknamed ferocious. He barks at the UPS man and the Mail Man. But when they come near him all he does is roll over so they can give him a belly rub! That's what he does for just about everyone.

ChiliPepper-03.jpg 400x533

He plays in our backyard all the time. He loves the excitement of squirrels, birds, deer, etc. He chases them everywhere.

ChiliPepper-04.jpg 400x300

He is probably the most energetic dog ever, but he has his lazy side. If we're watching T.V. he loves to cuddle. Especially on my bed! Most of the black is gone, except for a stripe on his back.

ChiliPepper-05.jpg 400x300

We always get compliments from everyone, at the dog park, walking, friends and family, on how handsome he is. He's a peach.

ChiliPepper-06.jpg 400x300

We all love Chili very much and we're so happy to have him! Kasandra Aristizabal


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