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Waylan and his little brother Winston were posted prior to Thanksgiving. The first week they received 3,429 visitors to the posting. Why? I don't have a clue how so many people could find their way to our website just to look at two mix breed terrier puppies. Waylan is on the right.

Dasher1.jpg 219x265From the candidates that had taken the next step to apply, Waylan chose the McGrath family who'd written to say:

"We're looking for a quick, intelligent small dog, who likes to pay with toys and is confident without being aggressive. Ideally we want the puppy smart enough to outwit all the other puppies and steal all the toys."

This absolutely is Waylan's profile! We packed his bags and off he went to start his new life in PA. Apparently his bags will stay packed too because he's going to be trained for competitive agility. His new name is DASHER so if you're a dog sports buff you just might be hearing about Dasher in the future. He certainly has the spirit of a champion.

Waylan's first day in his new home.

Aunt Mary — just want to let you know that all is well with Dasher. Our other Aussie dogs are still wondering if Dasher is done visiting yet. He is warming up nicely and is a real little spit fire. Sadie offended him with her play growling and he chased her across the room? He is figuring her out though. She had a toy he wanted and he very casually walked over and sat down on the toy and turned his back to her. She was so surprised she let go of the toy. He then picked the toy up and walked away and laid down on it again. (as you can see on day one they already had their 'wish' fulfilled — a puppy that can outwit and steal!)

This is our daughter and Maggie with Dasher on her lap and on her left is Sadie and Abbott on the right. Sadie's look of disgust is not your imagination.

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A week later: DASHER is doing very well. Sadie and Abbott still hate him but Dasher is working on winning them over. Dasher did convince Abbott to play with him for a few minutes today, before Abbott remembered he didn't like the puppy.

Thank you for having him and letting us take him. He's going to be a wonderful addition to the family.

The McGrath's


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