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What Is "Aunt Mary's Doghouse" and How Can We Help You?

Who We Are

We're a 501c(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides help for abandoned and homeless dogs. This also means we can offer you a tax incentive for your charitable donations.

Our Purpose

We've joined the no-kill movement and are committed to being a part of the solution to end the killing of animals.

Why We're Doing What We Do

Simply for the love of dogs in our community. We at Aunt Mary's believe that we can make a big difference in a small way - one dog at a time. Our collective goal is - "No more homeless pets!"

We recognize the troubles dogs face.

Their #1 problem is overpopulation. There are more dogs than available homes.

The solution we advocate is to spay/neuter to get the numbers under control. Our dogs (if not already altered at the time of adoption) qualify for a state funded, low-cost alteration fee of $20.00.

The #2 problem dogs face is lack of proper training and that results in the surrender of the dog to a shelter or the street. Most dogs that end up in shelters are unneutered, untrained and under 2 years of age.

Our solution is to help with some basic training and socialization so these dogs can become responsible, reliable housemates and socially good citizens.

The #3 problem for dogs is that shelters are overcrowded and time is very short for the dogs that end up there. Many people will just not go to a shelter because they feel it will be too heartbreaking.

Our solution - we remove as many adoptable dogs as we have space for and place them into foster homes. Each dog becomes part of the family. With this individual attention we're able to get to know the personality of the dog. This insight helps us to match the dog with the best permanent home.

The #4 problem that affects dogs is that people are not aware of the troubles dogs face. Popular movies can create a demand for a particular breed of dog. Many of these dogs are mass-produced or "milled" by disreputable people calling themselves "breeders". The bottom line of these evil people is profit without concern for the quality of the dogs produced. This can result in dogs that have costly genetic issues.

Our solution is education. We provide information to raise awareness so people will not purchase puppies of unknown origin through pet stores. If there is no demand, there will be no business to support these people.

Where Do The Dogs Come From?

Adoptable dogs come into our foster program in several ways.

1. We go to overcrowded kill shelters and take out dogs who have been dumped on the streets by former owners, confiscated by the authorities due to neglect and abuse and those that are surrendered due to family illness or death.

2. We help stray dogs right within our own community that have been abandoned on the street or mysteriously appear in a neighbors fenced backyard. Puppies born to strays or injured dogs are another example of dogs we often rescue.

3. Often due to extenuating circumstances people must give up a pet and they act responsibly by asking for assistance in finding a home instead of just abandoning their pet to a shelter. We help by posting their pet and screening applicants. (Please note if you are personally requesting Aunt Maryıs help with your pet there are terms and conditions to be followed).

Each dog receives a physical exam by a veterinarian. Vaccinations are administered as well as any necessary medications. The dogs live in a safe environment where they regain their self-confidence and learn to trust again.

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