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Rover in his doghouse

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"You can never be wrong doing the right thing for animals." (Aunt Mary)

Welcome to Aunt Mary's Doghouse! Thank you for visiting our wonderful dogs and for your interest and willingness to help a homeless animal find some much-deserved love and peace.

A Bit About Us

Aunt Mary's Doghouse is an all volunteer non-profit 501(c)3 organization with a profound love of dogs and a passion for helping them. We do not have a shelter with a specific location and established hours. Rather, we obtain our dogs from local overcrowded shelters or rescue dogs in trouble from the streets. The dogs are brought into our foster network where they live with their foster families until a permanent loving home like yours is found. A foster home environment is the preferred option for homeless dogs since fostering helps dogs transition into permanent homes more easily.

Another benefit is that while the dogs are living with us, we get to know their individual personalities and understand their specific needs. Our adoption goal is to match the right dog to the right household. We ask that you keep an open mind during the adoption process. You may find yourself adopting a different dog than the one you initially called about if there is a better fit.

A Bit About You

To make the best match of dog to household, it's important that we find out about you. Our application process begins with a phone conversation or e-mail correspondence. We'll discuss your particular needs along with why you are considering the lifetime commitment of adding a pet to your household. What would a dog's life be like if he or she lived with you? Some points to consider:

  • What is the number of people in your household? Do you live alone or with other people? Do you have children? What are their ages?

  • What is the activity level of your household? Are you a family on the go? Do you have people coming and going from your home? Or do you live in a quiet household and wish to keep it that way?

  • If the dog will be a family pet, who will be the person ultimately responsible for the dog? That is, who will handle the feeding, training, grooming, exercising, and health care for the dog?

  • Are you familiar and comfortable with the costs associated with caring for a dog for his or her lifetime?

For more help on dog adoption considerations, click on the buttons on the left side of this screen.

Matchmaking ? Is the Chemistry Right?

Once we are clear about your needs and lifestyle we can discuss which dog(s) might be a good fit and arrange for you to meet the dog. You'll do this by appointment either at the foster family's home or at a weekend pet adoption at a specified location. We prefer that the entire family be present when meeting the dog, since it is important to assess how the dog responds to everyone in the household. It really is all about relationship chemistry at this point.

A Thoughtful Decision

We then require that you go home, relax, and think about your decision. We don't encourage impulse decisions. If after some reflective thought everyone is in agreement about the dog, we proceed to the next step ? adoption. Rest assured, we hold your hand throughout the entire process and don't let go until you feel comfortable on your own. And we'll be here if you have any questions in the future.

Please click on to "Our Adoptable Pets" at the top of this page to see who is in the "doghouse" today. You may contact Aunt Mary directly by phone at (908) 362-1333 or e-mail at Also, if there is an actual foster contact indicated at the end of the description of a particular dog you are interested in, you are welcome to contact this person directly to get your questions answered. All final adoption decisions and corresponding paperwork will be handled by Aunt Mary personally.

For more details and helpful information on various topics, please click on the buttons on the left side of this screen.

Good Luck and many blessings to you for your friendship to animals.

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Aunt Mary

P.S. We sincerely appreciate your patience in the adoption process. Please keep in mind we are all volunteers with jobs and other obligations. We do our very best to provide great customer service ASAP. Call backs are generally made within 2 days of your call in the evenings when the volunteers get home from work.

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