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I was busy going through my Saturday morning workout at the gym and the time had come to spend 10 minutes on the treadmill. I had decided to look through one of the magazines there instead of trying to watch something on television. The magazine I picked up had an article about Michael Vick and the horrors of dog fighting. A picture appeared on the bottom of the page that was a real heartbreaker. It was a dog that had his face all torn up, presumably in a fight. There were scratches and blood on his face as he posed for this picture. The pain he was in and whether or not he survived could only be imagined.

I spent the ten minutes on the treadmill with only this page open. I had decided that I could easily pray for this dog, all other dogs involved in this terrible act and for the hearts of those involved to be changed so that lives could be spared. The ten minutes passed very quickly and as usual I was glad to be done with what I think is the most monotonous part of my workout. I was then faced with a choice of taking the magazine back to the front desk or roll it up in the cup holder of the treadmill as most others do.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and do something completely different. I left the magazine open to the page with the story and the dogs picture and kept it prominently displayed on the treadmill. My goal was for someone else to come along to use the treadmill to see the story. I also prayed that maybe this next person would be moved by the story and convert to a life of loving animals and protecting them from such abuse.

The real lesson is that there are so many opportunities to "speak" out in our daily life for compassion and love of animals. Be creative, be bold , and speak to all what they need to hear.

Go out into the whole world and preach the Gospel to ALL creation Mark 16:15

Copyright Mary Cody. All rights reserved.


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