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The word Deacon is Greek for servant. If you think about it we are all called to serve in some capacity. Where is your heart leading you to be of service?

A Deacon approached me in 1995 to consider Holy Orders. My first reaction was that he was playing a joke on me. My pastor gave me the best advice. He told me not to say yes or no, for it was not to be my decision. Instead he suggested I be open to the idea for as long as it took to receive an answer. Six months later I came to the conclusion that God was calling me, along with another voice.

That voice was my brother Fritz, a miniature Doxie who was sent to me directly by God at a time I needed him the most. Fritz served all of my needs. He provided me with love, courage, and strength to grow into the person I am today. He did it by sitting every day and listening to me and somehow he was able to communicate what I needed at the time. It was true unselfish service being taught to me by God's special messenger.

Fritz inspired me to become a Deacon and serve God's people. In the last two years I have been drawn to be more active in serving animals and have realized that by serving those animals in need you can also be serving a human.

Ultimately we are all called in some way. Do you have your minds and hearts open so that when God calls you to a higher level of service you will be able to answer Him?

Copyright Mary Cody. All rights reserved.


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