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"People speak sometimes about the "bestial" cruelty of man, but that is terribly unjust and offensive to beasts, no animal could ever be so cruel as a man, so artfully, so artistically cruel."

~Fyodor Dostoyevsky

About PAHS

Who We Are
The Plainfield Area Humane Society is a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization,
governed by a Board of Trustees.
~ We have been in continuous operation since 1933.
~ Our income comes from donations, animal control service contracts, adoption fees,
fund-raisers, bequests, grants and corporate gifts.
~ In addition to caring for and rehabilitating stray, abandoned and unwanted animals,
PAHS provides programs on pet care and responsible ownership for scout, school,
church, business and library groups by appointment and at no charge.
These programs cover the social, health and humane aspects of living with domestic
and wild animals in our urban and suburban communities.

Our Mission

To find a loving home for every homeless pet.

Our Vision

~ That all pets have a permanent home to live their lives in comfort.

Our Values

~ We value the life of every animal entrusted to our care.
~ We value our employees, who give so much in caring for abandoned animals.
~ We value our volunteers and supporters, who generously contribute
their time and resources to our mission.
~ We value our role in the community, eliciting change in the way animals
are perceived and treated.

Our Methods
~ We perform animal control services to keep homeless pets off the streets.
~ We use mandatory spay/neuter to reduce pet overpopulation.
~ We microchip every adoptee so that if lost they may find their way home.
~ We promote responsible pet ownership through community outreach
and education.

Adoption Information

There is always a selection of animals available for adoption. Potential adopters are required
to fill out applications which may take up to one week to process.

Cats are spayed/neutered, tested for feline leukemia and feline AIDS, have their distemper and rabies vaccinations and are microchipped. Kittens are now altered as early as 8 weeks.

All cats and kittens - $150

Dogs are spayed/neutered, tested for heartworm, have their distemper, parvo
and rabies vaccinations and are microchipped. Puppies are now altered as early as 8 weeks.

All dogs and puppies - $250 Adults over 5 years old - $175


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75 Rock Ave
Plainfield, NJ 07063
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Shelter Hours...
Tues, Wed - 12-5 pm
Thursday - 12-6 pm
Friday - 12-4 pm
Saturday - 12-3 pm
Sunday - 12-2 pm
Closed on Mondays and all legal holidays

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