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Rafferty Fits In Perfectly

I'm not sure if you remember us but we adopted a great pitty mix named Rafferty about 1 1/2 years ago. He has become the best momma's boy ever, he comes to work with me at the clinic everyday. He never really grew very much, he stayed small about 47lbs. Its great he fits in the front seat perfectly. I just wanted to let you know that he is doing wonderfully and we love him more then anything. He is the perfect sibling to our other dogs as well. I have enclosed some up to date photos if you would like to see. Every time we get a mailing from you and his brother Finnagian is on the label I always show it to him and say look Rafferty it's your brother, he is famous (like he understands me).
Thank You! Amy and Andy.

Marbles Makes the Grade

Hi Camille, Marbles doing great! She is very sweet and playful now, just wags her tail all the time and follows the kids anywhere they go. A big leap was when she learned how to play fetch, which she now loves and would play all day if she could. She has learned how to walk on the leash quite well, comes when she's called, and her accidents are minimal (housebreaking has been the trickiest, but we are getting there). So it's really been a good match and I thank you so much for helping us with it. Here's a picture of her, wearing a daisy chain my daughter made for her. Hope all is well with you, thanks again!

Chappy is Happy

Dear Foster Mom, I just celebrated my first birthday with my adoptive family. I love my family, especially, Luke, Jack and Elizabeth. My favorite thing to do in the morning is run into their rooms and wake them up. Mom says I'm a big help. I was afraid of Daddy at first, but now he feeds me dinner and plays frisbee with me everyday. He is really cool. I even curl up with him at night.
I love Mommy. Sometimes I have to bark at her and pull her shorts with my teeth to get her to sit down with me on the sofa for quiet time. I love cuddling with her on the sofa every afternoon. I am an awesome jumper (very, very high) and runner. My neighbor is a Shih Tzu. Her name is Savanah. She is cute, but too uptight.
Thank you for rescuing me! Lick, ruff, lick, ruff (that's like hugs and kisses in dog language).
Love, Chappy

Blaze & Crystal - Having a Blast

For all of us pit lovers, this is really heart warming to see; pitbulls posing, pitbulls playing (they like water, how about that), pitbulls wrestling, pitbulls resting. Both Crystal and Blaze (also known as Ambrose) are Rawhide dogs that were adopted by Todd. They live happily together, sharing their home with Todd, his daughter and their cat. Todd frequently takes them to his favorite water spot where they play, play, play. On this day, they ran into yet another pitbull, so guess what? More fun and games. So, who said that pitbulls can't be wonderful pets? Not us!!!! Crystal was originally named Crystal Lite as she was a mere waif of a starved little girl. Look at her now. Ambrose came from a kill shelter and was rescued by Rawhide who simply couldn't resist his gorgeous eyes.

Rawhide's First Foster Checks In

Is it time for another update on "Zack" the Border Collie (adopted in 2001) He's still a valued member of the family - and doing beautifully! He's 13 years old, still living with his two cats and now five companion bunnies (we had two new rescues this year, after losing Ms. Clover and then her husbun, Beebe-Bunny!!). He has had his well-doggie check-up from Dr Peter Batts at the Trenton Veterinary Hospital and is in excellent shape for an "old man".
Short history of Zack: He was adopted as a companion dog for my parents in the Spring of 2001. My Father passed away in November of the same year, and Mother changed Zack's name to "Marc" after our first, beloved Border Collie. He became her constant, cherished companion, looking after her faithfully until Mother's Alzheimer's Disease forced her to into an assisted living facility early in 2005.
So that Marc could continue to visit her, he happily went through Therapy Pet training, and spent a year visiting with the residents of Mother's facility, making people happy - everyone looked forward to visiting with the beautiful blue-eyed Border Collie with the huge, silly grin!
When Mother moved into the assisted living facility, we moved into Mother's home with our huge Maine Coon, Cokie, my daughter's cat, Beep, and Our Warren - five opinionated house-bunnies who owned their own Bun Room, a Blog (www.thehaydiaries.com) and two of their own web-sites - not bunnies that a dog could take lightly! To his credit, Marc has adapted well. He has worked out his own system of communication with the rabbits, (goes to their assistance when the Top Bun, George, gives an "alarm" thump), has evolved his own series of "jobs" to stay busy and has learned to accept new residents into his "pack" without any fuss.
Marc goes for daily "patrols" around his fenced-in yard. He has an assortment of balls, toss-toys and tug-of-war toys that are kept in a basket in the dining room. Each day, he selects a toy and takes it outside for a game. When told "Last time!", he brings the item back inside the house and usually puts it neatly back into the basket. He takes rides in the car in his own special seat (rear passenger side). I have moderate rheumatoid arthritis and have difficulty walking; Marc takes me gently up and down the block for exercise, carefully stopping at each dip in the sidewalk and kerb and leading me around obstacles. Marc is somewhat yard-protective, so we do not encourage people to reach over the fence into his territory or to pet him without permission.
Marc goes to the groomer at Roberts' Pet Shop (Olden Avenue, Ewing, NJ) three times a year where he and his "brother", Cokie-the-Fat-Maine-Coon are favourites. Cokie is a law unto himself - almost 40 lbs. of complaining, whining, entitled slobbism who is positive he is World's Most Hard-Done-By Cat. Marc is certain that Cokie is World's Most Pathetic Cat. George-the-Bunny is certain that the Cat and the Dawg share a brain-cell and writes about both of them in his Blog, The Hay Diaries. I have included pictures of Marc and Cokie fresh from the Groomers ("You Owe Me, Too!"), and two pictures of Marc playing ball in the back garden; and one of George-the-Top-Bun "telling secrets" (about the off-camera Dawg) to his wife-bun, Missy. (George is actually grooming Missy - a social function rabbits perform only when they are comfortable in the presence of other warren-mates - in this case, Marc, who is lying near-by.)
What is perhaps most important in Marc's story has been his ability to adapt to changing circumstances. When he was first adopted, I didn't foresee the necessity of his being exposed to any additional pets, or to children in the household. According to his adoption papers, he was known to "herd" both cats and small children, and it was noted that he might not make an appropriate companion animal in a house that had either.
However, life doesn't remain static. Although Marc was considered a "senior" when he was adopted, he out-lived both of my parents. Returning him to shelter-living was never an option for us; adoptions are for the animal's lifetime. Additional training brought out Marc's magnificent abilities as a therapy pet, and further, patient work and exercise has permitted him to allow both house-rabbits and cats to share his life. Understanding his breed-strengths and expanding upon them has opened a whole world for both Marc and for us. Marc is a brilliant service dog for me and the true guardian of the house. He is a willing, cheerful companion for my husband and an indefatigable playmate when our Navy-veteran son, Philip, comes to visit. Marc contentiously "guards" the bunnies (even when Mr Mouse - 3 lbs. of grumpy attitude - pees on him!), and goes everywhere with "Beep", the female calico cat. He cleans Cokie's ears and sleeps curled up in a nest of opportunistic felines. Most importantly, Marc is "part of the pack", with his own obligations, privileges, and identity within the social structure of our family.
Rabbit rescuers know that bunnies do not have a learning-curve. House-rabbits of whatever age continue to learn new behaviours and adapt successfully to changing environments. I think this is also true of Border Collies, so long as their owners are willing to put in the time and the work necessary to maintaining the breed psychology. Marc is a true success-story and we are very thankful that we were the family given the unique opportunity to adopt him! Thank you for making that possible! Our lives would be so much the poorer without our Wonderful Boy!
Until next time! Charlotte

Luke Gains a Family

Hello everyone especially our foster mom Paige! We adopted Luke almost 2 years ago, 2 days before Halloween. He was found on the streets of the Bronx starving and with pneumonia. Paige nursed him back to health and we adopted him at one of your adoption days. As you can see now he is no longer starving, and his "found "weight of 85 lbs is now a rock solid, muscular 125. He has 2 bad hips,but the vet says daily slow runs with mom of 3 miles and under (Mom runs he trots leisurely) keeps the muscles around his hips strong. He looks fearsome, but is the friendliest, goofiest and sweetest dog around.

Thanks again Rawhide!

Laura Lea and Craig and Luke!

A Poster Dog for Success

Hope all is well for the team at Rawhide Rescue. I wanted to let you know that Woolly has adjusted well at my home and to doggie daycare. So far he has been on road trips with me to Maryland and North Carolina to take in sites and meet family members and other family dogs. Woolly's easy going personality and love of naps have made him a good house guest and great car dog! If I let him, I think he would stay and sleep in his car seat forever! He is the poster dog on how an adopted dog can transition into a new home successfully. Everyone who meets him from the staffers at Camp Bow Wow to the vet's office wants to take him home. I just let them know to go to the Rawhide Rescue site and pick one out! Woolly has been a great addition to my home and a great playmate for my other dog Teddi.
My wish for you all is continued success with getting pets adopted and through awareness, education, and donations.
Best Wishes,

Norma Jean Inspires

I have been meaning to sit and drop you a line. Norma Jean is doing wonderfully. After a bit of adjustment, she settled right in and found her place. She is very happy and we love her so. This morning she was tearing it up with Buck and Cody, something she will regret cause her hip bothers her a bit. Usually she just hangs out inside and rests while the pups run their morning gauntlet. Norma has inspired me to get involved in our local rescue group, BARKS. We are going to meet with them on Saturday.
Thank you!

Kennedy Makes Dreams Come True

Remy, now named Kennedy, has settled in beautifully. He is quickly becoming housebroken and cries every morning at 5:30 AM to let us know that he is awake and needs to go outside! He's better than an alarm clock. He is almost completely crate trained, though he does cry when he is alone. We have a method of first tiring him out, then letting him fall asleep on his own, then covering the crate with a blanket, turning off the light, and playing soft music. His favorite CD is Jack Johnson. On Sunday he met one of our veterinarians and totally charmed her! She said that he's healthy but is a little thin, and told us that we should put him on Hill's Science Diet to brighten up his coat. He is learning to sit for us before we put on his leash, before we take it off, before he is allowed to eat, before he is given a treat, and before we go outside. He is very playful and sweet and is a submissive boy who isn't very mouthy at all. Everybody loves him and wants to pet him, and he sits down nicely while they do it. His little white-tipped tail is always wagging and his beautiful brown eyes are always bright. I included some pictures in this email so you could see him, but the pictures aren't the best quality as he wiggles.
His favorite toy is the turtle, with a plush squeaky toy middle, four rope toy legs, and a fuzzy green head and tail. The turtle's name is Honu, which is the Hawaiian word for "turtle".
Thank you, Rawhide Rescue! You've made our dream come true!
Amy, Matt, Doreen, John, Lani, Cho, and KENNEDY!
Maureen and Brody

Rawhide Brody is a Miracle Dog

Hi Ingela and Lisa (foster mom for Brody),

I hope all is well with you both and just wanted to give you an update on Brody, who has proved to be quite a Miracle Dog.
This past March was his 2-year anniversary of being cancer free, and his doctor said we don't have to go for regular monthly check-ups anymore! Just once a year like other dogs. (I'm bringing him every 6 mos anyway, just so I don't worry(here goes a funny face but I don't know how to do that) So with every passing healthy day, I know I did the right thing adopting him and in getting him the chemo. He's SOOOO worth it! It's one of those matches that was meant to be. Thank you again for Brody and for all the dogs (and cats) you save.

Thanks again,
Maureen and Brody

Getting Pugged

Bandit Steals Hearts

Here are some pictures of Bandit at our house! We are so happy to have him here!
Thank you for everything!

Salt Turns to Sugar

Well, we did it! Salt made the trip from Manhattan to New Rochelle. She freely explored the house and has been more sociable with the three of us than ever before. The two pups get along well, though Salt has no understanding of toys nor interest in playing. We saw the same thing in another chihuahua last year.
In any case, all is well.
Amy, Jon, Elizabeth, Salt and Pepper
P.S.: Salt may get renamed Sugar because she's so-o-o-o sweet!

The Patriotic Wright Brothers

Happy Independence Day! Boo, Dusty and Bruiser and I wanted to say hi and wish you a great 4th of July! I hope all is well at Rawhide Rescue! I check out the website every now and then to see all of your success stories.
Take care,
Ann BooBoo, Dusty & Bru

All the Right Moves

Jessie has settled in like she's been here forever. She and Annabelle are doing fine already and Jessie has wheedled her way into sleeping in Elisa's room and eating in the kitchen!
She weighed in at 71 pounds! They prescribed a harness rather than the neck collar. We walk by the hour not the minute and the pull on her neck can damage her trachea. So tomorrow we're off to get a harness, which is great - it will give me better control for training her and will get her used to the feel of something more substantial for when she pulls the little kids (I'm 130 pounds and she pulls me like a feather!)
She is SO smart! She knows not to follow us into the master bedroom (off limits) and she follows directions "left", "right" so she can stay walking on either side of us - and even can move between rocks left-right-left-right. Her coat is beautiful, she trots along at a brisk pace like she's part horse and she's very attentive. She also knows not to walk on neighbor's property en route to the park, yet knows exactly which house to cross the lawn to our front door.She loves cars - hates to come out! She lies here in my office during my work hours...
All in all, she's an amazing dog! Thanks so much for being an integral part of this unusual drama!

Flip Goes to Vet School

It's already been a year since I adopted Pookie, who I now call "Flip" from Rawhide Rescue. The time has flown bye and I absolutely love this little guy! Just wanted to thank everyone, especially Denise, for parting with such a great dog. My entire family adores him and of course, spoils him. I got into veterinary school at the Ohio State University and will be starting classes this september. Flip will be coming along too! Thanks again,

A Good Home and Happiness for another Young Lady from a Puppy Mill

Caroline, I am thrilled that Belle "the Lab" is now a part of my family. Her brother Muskie, adopted 13 years ago, is tolerating her well. He lets her know when she is over stepping her bounds, but gradually he is giving in. What a wonderful job you did helping her learn so many basic things and helping her overcome so much of the mistreatment she suffered for 3+ years. She has become very attached to me and she follows me throughout the house except for the living room and dining room which are off limits to dogs! She understood this in only a few days as she is very smart and a quick learner. Initially she wouldn't leave the family room and walk down the hall but now she sleeps right outside my bedroom door. I expect her to be beside my bed soon! She's happiest outside "lounging" in the shade of the apple trees. I was very upset for a while because she wasn't eating or drinking. We went to the Vet two days last week and after lots of testing they determined that she is healthy and they gave me suggestions as to what I should do. Now she eats some days and "diets" on others. She takes treats and foods from my hand and is trusting me more and more. She loves cheese! The noise of the AC and the ceiling fan seem to scare her and she is still afraid to pass though doors which aren't wide open when she approaches. A little coaxing to "come" is sometimes needed but I see improvement everyday. Her fear of men is subsiding too. One of my sons takes a lot of time getting close to pat her and she doesn't run away anymore. All in all she is doing extremely well and is adapting to my home and rather hectic life style. My daughter-in-law, who is not a dog lover, thinks Belle is "gorgeous"- SHE IS. Thank you ever so much for rescuing her, giving her love, care, and training and allowing me to have her. God Bless you and all the Rawhide volunteers.
Jane, Muskie, and Belle.

Kelly Gets a Visitor

Hi Bob and Laura,
Here are the pictures you took. They are great. I am so glad you were able to come by and visit Kelly. She is always happy to have someone play ball with her! Please don't hesitate to call and stop by the next time you are in the area.

Norma Finds Her Home

It was a lovely first day. She has been in and out, mostly resting though. The dogs are all finding their place. Right now all of them are sleeping in the family room, seemingly very happy. Norma did get into some shenanigans, it appears that she likes the garbage. I haven't had to worry about that since the boys were puppies. I left them all alone together today, when we got back all was well and everyone was fine. Cora loves her dearly and took a big sigh today when she saw Norma sleeping on the floor. She said, "She really seems like she likes it here, Mama." I think she is right! Thanks for bringing Norma home!

Sapphira Finds Love

Thank you so much for rescuing her, taking care of her, and helping facilitate her adoption! Still a puppy with extraordinary mischief and intelligence, she's kept us quite busy. I wanted to check in and send along some photos to let you know she's settled in amazingly and she's well loved.
Thanks! Nicole and Family

One Frisky Little Fritter

Just keeping you updated on Ginger. She is doing great. She is the silliest, strangest but cutest little dog ever. She is absolutely terrified of storms and fireworks (going to be a long summer for her I am afraid!) We are working with her to try and figure out the best way to calm her down and she seems to be getting a little better. There isn't a toy yet that we have discovered that she hasn't absolutely ripped to shreds with in 5 minutes. She likes to swim in the pool which is very funny to watch. She certainly has given us some great laughs and Wanda absolutely adores her (as do we all). She definitely does not have the calm demeanor that Wanda does but she is such a frisky little fritter that it is impossible not to love her just the same!! Hope all is well.

Cooper's Summer Vacation

Cooper is doing great! Spending a lot of time outside the city at the lake - We are going to Maine for the week next week and have been taking him to my mom's house in CT for the weekends too. He is quite a swimmer!
Lissa and Alex

Lily Shines

Thought you'd enjoy this photo of our beautiful Lily (aka "Lilliput"), taken just this morning as we were enjoying our coffee. We just celebrated our 9 month anniversary of having Lily with us and she is Shadow's best friend and a wonderful part of our family.
Marcie & Margaret

From Hunter to House Dog

Hunter and I got back on Monday night and he was a real monster, trying to rip everything up and climbing the walls etc. I had to follow him every where and say "no, no, no" . Tuesday morning he was a little better, but I decided to take the day off and work with him. We went to the vet to introduce him and set up visit,and then went for a long run on a 30 foot lead . When my wife came home on Tuesday evening she said she was afraid to come home because of the way he was on Monday and wanted to know what I did with the old Hunter because she said this cant be the same dog!! This morning I have not had to correct him at all and he is a little angel. He is adjusting very quickly to being a house dog and loves to spend a lot of time in the yard playing. I want to thank you again he, is a real love .

This boy lived in a kennel and was trained for hunting until he became a Rawhide dog at age 7 months. This is a perfect example of the amazing and wonderful changes that typically occur when you remove a dog from a kennel or pound into a loving, responsible home.

Mia Fits In

Here is a picture of Tyler with Mia (f/k/a Jodi).
Mia is hanging out more with the family, it's all working out! SHE IS PART OF OUR FAMILY WE LOVE HER!
Thank you so much.

Willie Spreads the Joy

Hi all! I hope summer is getting off to a great start. I wanted to check in & give you an update on our special boy. Last night Willie & I attended our first pet therapy session. Our first venture was to a local nursing/convalescent center. We toured the hallways looking for seniors & other convalescents who were interested in a visit. The group meets once a week & we will be traveling to different nursing & youth facilities throughout South Jersey. Although Willie was a little apprehensive about being in unfamiliar surroundings, he behaved perfectly & fit right in with the rest of the group. We are looking forward to many future visits. We will also be working toward obtaining the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification, which will certify Willie as a pet therapy dog & give him access to otherwise restricted places, like hospitals. We are so proud of Willie & are grateful that we are able to share the joy he brings to our lives with others.
We are also thrilled to report that Willie has been seizure-free for nearly two years now (21 months to be exact)!
Well, that's it for now. Again, we wish you all a great summer!
Take care!
Erica, Jon, Willie & Kink

Rileigh Jayde helps the Less Fortunate.... Kittens

Rileigh is the BEST for the kittens, it is amazing to think she is a rescue and yet she has to help the ones down and out. She always makes them feel happy and secure, she NEVER ever has a bad bone in her body. When I come home with the foster babies she turns on the "Helicopter Mode" which means the tail SWINGS around in circles! Thanks so much for giving us this princess, we love her to pieces and so do the rescues!!!!!!
Mal and Kristen

A New Season for Autumn

I adopted Autumn (formerly Lucy) in November, 2006. Vicky and Laura were a huge help in finding the best dog for me. I have to be honest. When Laura and her husband brought her to PetSmart so I could meet her she looked so pathetic and had her head down and I didn't know if she'd ever come around. She was skinny and had really bad fur (what little fur she had) and bad skin allergies. Autumn was so timid and especially afraid of men and had some other minor issues so I wanted to find out more about her. I reached out to the group in Arkansas that originally rescued her and they sent me pictures of where they found her along with pictures of her beautiful pups (she had 9). It seems that she was a stray living under a porch that was attached to a trailer in the backwoods of Arkansas. When the rescue group went to pick up the pups they asked the family what they planned on doing with "Lucy" and they said they didn't want her so she was taken away with her puppies. That's where Rawhide came in. After her pups were adopted it was her turn. When I inquired about her I was told that she was pending adoption. Turns out she wasn't the lab mix that person was looking for so they contacted me. I can't thank all of you enough for letting her come live with me. We are at the dog park about 5 times per week where we have met a few other Rawhide/Arkansas dogs and have made great friends. When I get too far away from her she comes running right to me with her ears flopping around. I get the biggest kick out of it. She's still not sure what you do with a tennis ball or why the dogs chase each other but she has joined in once and I'm sure she will again. I can't believe how much she has come out of her shell and people are always commenting on how sweet she is and what a beautiful coat she has. She loves all the attention! She is so well behaved that I take her everywhere in the car with me. Her cat sisters who had never met a dog before are so comfortable around her due to her wonderful, laid back personality. She's my buddy!

Sammy Takes His First Steps

Hello Everyone!!! I had to share this wonderful news with all of you. As you know Sammy came to us last August. He came with every puppy mill behavior baggage in the book. For 10 months, I've worked with Sammy to learn to trust us. Yesterday, Sammy climbed up a flight of steps by himself!!! This is a huge hurdle for Sammy to overcome. For many months Sammy would take two steps and jump off, or he would "freeze" and not move. The amazing thing is, it's the outside steps with open stairs he did this feat, not the inside, carpeted steps. Go figure??? I know you guys would get a kick out of this b/c you know how hard it is for a puppy mill dog to learn to be a dog!!!
Thanks! Linda

So Happy Together

Sierra was adopted about a year ago by Bea and George after spending a year with us. She was very traumatized when she arrived and could not tolerate being in the presence of any male dogs. Here she is with her new best friend Trigger. Trigger spent over a year being boarded by a family that had no place for him in their homes and never had time to visit him in the kennel. Rawhide took him in a year ago and he has received a lot of loving attention from our volunteers ever since. However, it was Bea and her husband, George, who decided to make Trigger a part of their home. Little by little, we introduced Trigger to "the girls" and you can see the happy result from this picture with Trigger and Sierra blissfully sharing the couch.
Thank you, Bea and George, for loving our babies.

Vito Lends A Helping Paw

I'm writing this update, because believe it or not, it's almost 5 years since we adopted Vito. For those of you who don't know Vito, he is a 140 lb. bullmastiff, who was surrendered to the NYC Animal Shelter on Staten Island, and was rescued by Rawhide. The Hutchens family fostered him, and found out what a sweet dog he is.
When Vito came to us he was the sweetest dog you'd ever want to meet (and also incidentally, was housebroken, leash trained, trained to respond to hand commands, and the best behaved dog we had ever met). He also came to us with some medical issues - a neutering which had gone wrong, and took a month or so of very intensive care, followed by a diagnosis of serious dysplasia which has required a lifetime of daily therapy (controlled exercise), medication and diet for Vito.
BUT WHAT A SUCCESS STORY FOR AN ADOPTION! Not only is Vito the best mannered dog we've ever known, in 2005 he passed the Therapy Dogs International test and began doing therapy work with Hospice Patients. Vito goes weekly to the Barbara E. Cheung Memorial Hospice at the Roosevelt Care Center in Edison, and visits with patients, families and staff. In the most somber of environments, Vito brings a smile to the faces of stressed family members and overworked staff. About the last thing family members expect to see in the Hospice is a big sweet bullmastiff - and those who are animal lovers just seem to warm up to Vito.
When not at the Hospice we try to take Vito to both Main Street and the Park, where he lets all the kids hug him and hang on him. He is absolutely the greatest ambassador for both bullmastiffs and rescue dogs.
Without Rawhide to rescue Vito, there's no telling what would have become of him. Today he's a 7 year old bullmastiff, who is a wonderful family member, and through his Therapy work has brought a smile to many people going through some of the toughest time of their lives. Thank goodness for Rawhide Rescue.
Stu & Rashmika

PS: Here are a few pictures of Vito at "Children's Day", and event run last month by the Visiting Nurses of Central Jersey to help children who recently lost a parent cope with their grief.

Murphy's Law

Murphy is such a wonderful dog. We couldn't have been luckier. He is so obedient and he learns so quickly. He is also such an affectionate dog. We just love him so very much. I've attached some photos of him for you and the website.
Thanks again,

Jessie Fits the Bill

Thank you so much for rescuing Jessie, and for doing such a great job with her in your home and for bringing her to us. She is definitely a keeper - we think she's wonderful! She is such a great girl, and she has just fit right into our home. We all love her and think she's awesome!! Jessie has become my new shadow, and she follows me all over the house and is always by my side. It's nice because that's how Rosie used to be and now I have to remember to open the bathroom door very slowly! It has brought back nice memories. We go for walks almost every day and it has become one of her favorite things to do. She actually walks really nice with her halter on and is a much better walker than Lady is! Jessie is also getting used to the cat and the bird and hardly even barks at the cat anymore. I am amazed at how quickly she has gotten used to them, I didn't think it would happen this fast. Last night I had the bird out and Jessie didn't even care - she was much more interested in her bone. My parents came over for dinner last night and Jessie loved having the company. She really fits right in wherever she goes, and acts like she has always been here.
Thank you so much for rescuing her and for giving us the opportunity to give her a home. Jessie is a wonderful companion, and she is everything that we were hoping and looking for! A lot of people have been very interested in Jessie and asking about her story, and I cannot say enough nice things about your rescue work and organization. I keep telling people it has been a great experience and it is the way to go when getting a new pet.
Take care,
Wendy, Mark, Joe, and little Jack

The Full Monty

Just wanted to give you an update on Quinlan. The Chatahoula Leopard puppy we adopted May 12th. We have actually renamed him to Monty, (for Montgomery) since that is were he lives now. He could not be the more perfect addition to our house. He is a great puppy and we all LOVE him a lot. He has adjusted very well, and is outside playing with the kids and the Golden girl often. He is a great traveler and has attended family functions and outings already. He has had very little to no accidents, he has free reign in the house most of the time, and is very smart. He fits in perfectly. Thank you so much for rescuing him. He has a good home with a family who will take great care of him.

Brody is Lapping Up the Love

Brody is doing great. He has kept his crate clean every night, and has only had 2 pee accidents in the house, both of which were my fault for not keeping a better eye. He is visiting a lot of people and dogs and my cats are slowly learning to get along. (Well, there is less hissing than last week) He loves to sleep on his back and puts all of his chew toys into his crate at night, its the cutest thing. He loves being held and thinks he is a lap puppy. We'll keep the pictures coming!
Jen & Lissa

A Long Road Home

Seaport was in the Rawhide foster system for over a year. He was found abandoned and so ill that he spent months in the hospital. He stayed with a number of different fosters and everyone fell in love with him, we could not understand why this wonderful boy was continuously overlooked. This dog has touched us all in some way and thanks to all these wonderful fosters Seaport lived to find a happy life. This dog really deserves this wonderful life and truly, when you see him in person, you can almost hear him say with glee "I am home".
A note and pictures from Seaport's Forever Family:

I took Seaport the other morning to Round Valley to have a swim with my friends two Labrador Retrievers. He had a blast! He loved the water and with a little training will retrieve the dummy. I wanted to thank you all again for the great work you did with Seaport. He is going to be a loyal family member for a long time to come.
Have a great holiday weekend!
Dave, Kris, Carl, and Timothy

What a Pug Pair

Minnee is doing great in her new home! We are very happy to have her as part of the family. Yesterday, Minnee met my parents and some relatives, of course she wanted kisses from everyone. She also met her neighbors and got to play with them, she was very playful. After her long day Minnee passed out tucked under my arm and Charlee was on the other side. They are getting along so well, Charlee let's Minnee play with his toys and he shares the couch with her. I think they are going to become best buddies. She follows Charlee everywhere, to the exact steps. We get a kick out of watching them together. We will keep you updated on Minnee and we'll send lots of pictures.
Thank you again!!
Kerri, Andre, Charlee, and Minnee

This Little Rascal Has a Big Heart

Rascal is doing fine, still working on the house training, but he is doing better. He is trying hard to obey simple commands. He has gained a little over a pound, and has much better muscle tone now. He enjoys playing with his new big sister Sparky, and his toys. We are enjoying him, he's like a lovable little clown! With his little teddy-bear face, how could you not love him? Truthfully, we were a little skeptical about adopting a rescue dog, however, our family was committed to being successful with this. In honor of the R.O.A.R. program advertised on Animal Planet, and in honor of the great Steve Irwin, we were dedicated to doing our part for animal conservation, and we hope that others will do the same. We have also created a backyard habitat, so that outdoor animals will feel welcome in our home. We have been successful with that as well. This year was the second year we have had a robin make a nest and hatch chicks in our backyard. It is so nice to watch the whole process of nature. The dogs enjoy chasing butterflies, and they also like watching the birds fly in and out to feed their babies. True, it is a lot of work to have dogs, but our opinion is, once you have one, it is just as easy to put down 2 bowls of food and water, and just as easy to walk two dogs instead of one. It takes just a little more love to provide a rescue dog with all they need to thrive, and it makes us feel good that we have made a significant difference in the life of a young dog. Now, he will have many years of happy family play time.
Thank you, Camille, for your dedication to fostering animals in need and bringing them to good homes. You are truly an angel on earth!
Schnauzerly yours,
Jackie, Brian, & Robyn

Rawhide Saves the Day

Rosco's mom found herself in a difficult position with Rosco constantly vomiting after eating and her unable to handle his escalating vet bills. Luckily, based on many years of experience with common large dog ailments such as Megaesophagus, our own president was able to make a suggestion for feeding changes that allowed this distraught owner to keep her loving companion.
Here is a note from Rosco's Owner discussing his success with this new feeding method:

I talked to you the other day on the phone and told you my dog was sick and I could not afford the test that the Vet was going to do to find out what was wrong with him he has been sick from the day he was given to me three years ago plus two surgery's on his eye and the Vet bills were getting out of control and I was looking for a home for him who could afford the Vet. I have two Great Danes and a Saint Bernard. But thanks to you telling me what you thought was wrong, that it might be Megaesophagus, I think I can keep him now! He eats in a upright position and I blend up all his food. I have sent you pictures to show you how it is working. He has only thrown up 1 time since we started doing this. This was not easy to figure out because he is a great Dane. This is our set up for him to eat : And after he eats we pet him for a couple of minutes to make him stay in this position
I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to help me, because of this I can keep my sweet boy!

Arlo Toys with Happiness

Arlo decided to gather all of his toys and surround himself with them. There are more under him and behind him. He knows the word 'toy', too, and when you tell him to bring him a toy he brings one after the other until you beg him to stop! He loves to play and loves to wrestle with Terazas. Today he was pawing Harry, just smacking the sleeping Newfie with his paw. We're not sure what Arlo wanted, but we think he wanted Harry to just get out of his way. Harry slept through it, so we'll never know.
He's doing great, has maintained his trim physique and goes for a long walk every day with Al. We adore him, and he is returning all the love tenfold. Of course, every night I have to move him off my pillow and try to get him to stay at the foot of the bed. He wiggles his way back up every night.
Thanks so much for bringing us together!

Greener Pastures for Dino

Just wanted to catch you up with the cairn pup that we adopted from you! He originally was McSteamy, but now is called Dino. Photo is attached of him under the tree in the backyard. He's a happy pup, and 99% house trained now. He's lots of fun, and everyone thinks he's supercute--especially us!
Thanks again for helping these animals be rescued.
Best, Lara & Scott

Daisy "Dukes" Settles In

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Daisy Dukes!!!! (Or "Dukes" as I call her most of the time!...That's because when she wants attention, she comes over, jumps up on her hind legs and boxes my arm!!!!!!) She is soooooooo funny and adorable. I just LOVE her to pieces. Such a sweet and loving girl! I just can't imagine what life was like without her! It's just about 2 months since I took her away to PA.....She's settled in so nicely, It's hard to remember when she wasn't with me! She gets happier by the day, although sometimes she cringes and ducks for no reason...I'm still trying to figure that one out. She loves her burgers off of the grill and stares me down when I'm cutting up the meat! What a pip!
She was apparently sleeping on one of her pillows (dog beds) and apparently had a seizure during the night into Saturday morning. However, I woke up with her in cuddled next to me in bed, so she appears to be okay. I wish I had been awake and could have held her through it. I just can't imagine what it must be like for her.......
Good news!!!!! I don't separate her from Molly any longer. They are wonderful together....and I'm so glad. Daisy is WONDERFUL and I'm so grateful you let me adopt her.

An Unexpected Dip

We threw the stick and Duncan went after it. Lucy went in after Duncan, then swam back in, several times. She was a natural! I was shocked that she went in on her own, particularly being a puppy mill rescue. Anyway, she is a good swimmer! Good to see her spirit is coming back. She seems more relaxed today too.
Laura and Rebecca

Marvin is a Wonderful Pup

Incase you wanted to know how Marvy is doing - he's a wonderful pup!
Marv (the white one) is now 47lbs and on 6/12 he'll be a year old - hope you found homes for his sisters - hope all is well.

Boots' Favorite Spot

I am attaching a picture of Boots with my father not that he is spoiled or anything. Our other Rawhide dog (Max) wasn't as cooperative at sitting for a picture maybe next time!

The Kutzi-est Girl in the World

Hi Ingela and all Rawhide foster homes and volunteers,
It's been three months since I adopted Kutzi Aly (formally Cutie). Here she is sitting demurely on my couch with Chucky, who I adopted from Rawhide in 10/2004. Kutzi is a very loving, smart and rambunctious girl. I believe she must have been an agility dog. She fly's through the air on and off the furniture and in and out of the yard. Kutzi was welcomed into my home by my other senior adopted dogs, Noots, Tiny Tim and Chucky. Chucky hits the ripe young age of 15 on May 21st. Kutzi sleeps under the covers of my bed and snores. She also enjoys sharing the other couch with Cimba, my Golden, and ripping apart all the soft squeaky toys!! I want to thank Rawhide for their love, devotion and hard work in saving so many fur babies. I want to thank you especially for my two seniors. God bless you all - keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing you Alumni Day.

Life is a Beach for Scooby

I thought you all would get a kick out of this!!! We took Scooby and his buddy to the beach. They had a great time out in the water and then rolling and digging in the sand. Later he was pooped! Scooby is a great guy, we are so happy to have him as part of the family. Hope all is well,
Bob & Miriam

What a Pair

I hope all is well. Attached are pictures of Chloe and Diesel. They're doing great. They still have some "stranger/new things" anxiety, so we're starting group classes with them on Monday to get them socialized more. Otherwise they're energetic, cuddly, and lots of fun (except Chloe has a bad habit of NOT going to the bathroom outside, and waiting till she gets back INSIDE - we'll fix that.)

Mason's Mother's Day Wish

   Hello Auntie Margo.
I just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful dog mother's day! And I have been thinking about you. Also yesterday I when to my first doggie birthday party in the hood. It was Daisy's first birthday. And boy it was great. Her Mommy had snacks ( not just any snacks, they come for the promenade shop, very very gourmet). We all have a great time, we play spin the stick (I kissed Daisy) and chased the squirrels and played a game of ball. By the time I got home I was exhausted.... Can wait to visit with you all soon!
Love always,
Your favorite God dog,

I Love Louie

   Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that Spud now has a new name, Louie and he's already responding to it some of the time. He's doing great! We got thru our first day today of no accidents in the home. Of course the couple previous ones were all my fault for taking my eye off him for 5 seconds, that's all it takes. Walking on a leash he is just great! He doesn't pull in the least and walks in the heel position almost instinctively. Today we were sitting out in the front yard, I had him on a 25 foot leash, I was sitting on the porch and let him sit down on the grass, with the other end of the leash in my hand. He was great when people walked by, he even let a completer stranger come from across the street come over and pet him without being afraid. His only issue that I'm a little concerned about is he seems to be a little leery about people wearing baseball caps, that's no big deal, I'll just start wearing one myself. He slept a lot the first couple days but he's more awake and energetic the last 2 days, in fact he just stole 2 toys out of my bag that he's now playing with. As you can tell I love him. Speaking of loving him, I was walking him in the park today and 2 people stopped me and asked where I got him from. I gave them the entire story and they both asked me if he had any brothers or sisters that are still available.
Thanks All
Mike and Louie

Mr Peepers and His Admirers


Bailey Gets a Checkup

Today was Bailey's first checkup. She weighed out 7.2 lbs. She had 2 shots and a bordatella vaccine that was put up her nose. (she sneezes like Donna) We got some heartguard chews and Frontline. And I know you want to hear that her fecal analysis was great. Nothing foreign in her fecal! We are so in love with our new little addition; she brings us much joy on a daily basis. So, that's whats new with Bailey.
See you all soon!

Another Lancanster Puppy Mill Rescue Finda a Better Life

Please let everyone know that Misha is doing fine! She & Pokey seem to be getting along, even though Misha has taken possession of his bed & sofa blanket (which we've replaced with new for Pokey).

The Belle of the Ball

Belle is great. She is learning from her big brother Jake and they have quickly become bestest buds. We are all very happy with the addition in our life. She is a spunky little thing but very happy here. Here are some pics from that day and some that I took yesterday of her with Jake. Hope all is well and thank you so much.

Cassidy Comes Around

Hi Camille, I just want you to know, our new baby is doing fine. Jack and I spend a lot of time with him. Just watching and telling him what a good boy he is. And he walks on a leash very well; he is walked three times a day. My husband sits on the floor with him, and now he eats out of his hand. He even comes to us now, ever so carefully but he does do it. He is a brave little soldier, I am just heart broken how they were treated at Puppy Mills. As you see the fear, you wonder how can any human want to hurt another living thing???? I don't get it. But, I want you to know, he is sooooo loved, we cannot express how much he means to us already. He took a nap with me the other day, and stretched his paws so they touched my leg, I thought I would cry. He loves my husband a lot; I can see the bond forming. Thank you for rescuing him. Sincerely and in kindness,

A Family Dog

Here are some recent pictures of Wolfe with my 3 month old grand daughter. Isn't he beautiful? Can you believe that someone once deemed him "aggressive towards people"? He will never be frightened and neglected again. We take Wolfe with us everywhere and he is sweet and devoted to his family and loves all the people in our lives.
Thank you again - we will never forget you.
Anna & Frank

Puppy Mill Survivor Settles In

I just wanted to update you on Reggie. He is eating and drinking finally and getting used to his surroundings. Last night he actually walked into the elevator on his own, a really big step! He went to daycare yesterday and by the time I got him home, he fell asleep he was so tuckered out. He is truly a great pup! He still doesn't like loud noises and gets scared sometimes, but he is doing awesome.
Thanks for all the love and care you gave him after his rescue.

Puppy Love

Hello! We recently adopted a puppy from Rawhide Rescue. He is doing wonderful and we love him more than anything!!
Thank you and best regards,

A Wise Sage

We've changed Sweet Pea's name to Sage because she has been such a calming influence on Dakota and the cats. And a Sage is a wise person with calmness and knowledge. Actually, the other reason is I sometimes called Dakota Sweet Pea without realizing it and was confusing the pooches. She is doing so well here. She's been attempting to play with Dakota outside, but we still have to limit Dakota's running to make sure her pad heals completely so they can have their first real run at Hacklebarney State Park this weekend. I know Sage is going to love it. She is just the sweetest, calmest dog ever. Yesterday I was petting Sage on the floor and Dakota came in, laid down behind her and rested her head on Sage's stomach and closed her eyes. And our spookiest cat had approached her right from the start and Sage licks his face and he doesn't mind (much anyway). So we couldn't have found a more perfect dog for us. She is loving living in the woods and is already learning commands like wait and we're working on come to have a quicker response. I haven't set out to train her yet. I planned on giving her a week or so to settle in. But when I've asked for these things from Dakota, Sage looks at her like "Oh, that's what she's asking for" and she attempts to comply.
Thanks to all of you for saving such a special dog that I know is going to be a wonderful addition to our family for the rest of her life.
Take care,

Penny Does a Happy Dance

Just wanted to give you an update on how well Penny (formerly Pepper) is doing. It's hard to believe we've only had her for 6 weeks, it feels like much longer! She has settled in nicely and seems to be a very happy dog. Mealtime is still cause for great celebration, and we are all entertained as she performs the 'penny-dance' for her breakfast and dinner. (Good thing we stuck to your advice and continued giving her the dry food, what with the recent pet food scare.) Penny has met her "cousin" Jessie (my dad's dog) and the two get along nicely. I think they will become best friends once we start spending more time with my dad over the summer. She has also been to a family birthday party, and got along with everyone there, including the men. And because I explained to her that they live here too, she has made great strides towards our two resident felines - no more barking and chasing. We all hang out together as long as someone is home, but I do still divide the house in half (cats in the front, dog in the back) when we're all out. Better safe than sorry! Mark has been taking her for nice long walks everyday and says she has improved greatly on the leash. I've attached a picture of her playing in the backyard with him; she loves to chase her tennis balls. Hope all is well with you, once I'm done with my Saturday classes I'll bring Penny to one of the adoption days so you can have a visit.
Thanks again for rescuing our Penny,

America's Next Top Dog Model?

Here is the newest center fold for dog fancy! Well, at least we think he is definitely handsome enough to make the cut! Mason has been with us for a few months now and we just love him to peices. He is very spoiled and has loved every minute of it. He is learning all kinds of fetch tricks including bringing back dead animals to show off to his master!
Thank you for bringing this dashing boy into our lives.

Devilishly Lovable

Here are some photos of Arwin since his adoption into our familly. We just love him to death! He is such a cutie and gets along with Hope and our cats. Jake is our orange cat and every chance he gets they play together. As you can see from the photo's he is growing to be a big boy! He loves being in the kitchen and has a favorite place to sleep is on the couch, nice and toasty warm. He and Hope are the best of friends, they love to cuddle up and relax for the night together. I couldn't resist including one of his best shots, he is such a little devil.
Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

Harley Finds his Home

Harley aka Taco is doing great! He is such a cutie and we are all SO in love, my husband just adores him! He hasn't had an accident yet. We took all the dogs for a walk and he peed and then before night time I took him out again and he peed. He has been following me around like crazy too. Yoda and Harley aren't best friends...yet...but we are working on it. Yoda tolerates him but I'm hoping they do become friends. Thank you so MUCH for him, we can't get over how generous you all are and are so touched that you thought of us and Dodger. We will take excellent care of him and will update you all on his progress. We went to my Mom's house before coming home and I didn't think my Mom was going to let him leave, she just LOVES him also.
You all do such a great service for animals and that is why I came back to you. Maybe one day I can foster, when I don't think I'll keep every dog I foster!
Love to all and thank you again.
Sheri, George, Kayla and Sydney

Just Give Me a Chance

Tony was stuck in the shelter for an entire year before a Rawhide volunteer pulled him out and gave him a second chance at life. Tony was adopted just two weeks later into a loving family in which he is thriving and thankful for the forever home that he waited so long to find. Tony's story just goes to show that long-term shelter dogs have wonderful pet potential; they are just waiting for someone to come and save them.

Hi Paige,
This is a long overdue note to let you know that Tony is alive, well and happy. I had to wait a while to get a vet appt. and so then just never got a chance to sit down and write. He has adjusted well. He still chases the cat although she antagonizes him at times to get him going. But most of the time they are fine with each other and nuzzle each others noses. He has met many dogs in the neighborhood and all the kids just love him to pieces. He is into chasing chipmunks and squirrels and would spend all day sniffing them out in the stone wall. I'd say he has adjusted to country living. We think he has a hearing problem or just tunes everything out from being in the shelter for so long or maybe it is just selective hearing like teenagers! The vet found a few things wrong that we are treating, an eye infection and intestinal parasite. He has a heart murmur and something respiratory in his throat which we will keep a watch on. The two lumps I mentioned aren't fatty deposits as I hoped, and were analyzed and we will have them removed. The one on his leg is a bit more serious. His back legs are getting stronger and we are increasing the walks. Going uphill seems to get him winded. I think he will be a magnet for ticks as he is sooooooo low to the ground and gets caught in everything. Even with all of this, we love him. He is my shadow in the house and follows me everywhere. Outside is a different story, he is independent and totally ignores me.
We thought you might enjoy a few pictures. Thanks to you and Rawhide Rescue for saving him. He is a nice addition to our home!
Pat and Paul

Yoshi Belongs

Enclosed are some pictures of our latest family member. He is such a lovebug. He radiates love and what more can we ask for? Adele and Yoshi have a great bond and of course Greg and I are rather attached. He's like a big pogo to me, and I fell in love with him when you first brought him to the house. He knows he belongs here.

Zeus makes a Match

Zeus is too cool. I'm not used to having a dog follow my every move, but even after this short time he has started to find his own things to do. He is a great match for me! I had a great time meeting everyone. THANK FOR YOUR HELP!

A Puppy Mill Reject Finds Acceptance

I hope you remember Betsy, we adopted her one year ago this month. Here she is (in front) with Lu our other Yorkie. They are truly sisters now. Betsy follows Lu everywhere and they sleep in the same bed. Betsy likes to guard the house and will bark madly when someone approaches. She will come to me and is only just beginning to sit with my husband on the sofa, and take a treat from a male friend who she knows fairly well. She will also allow my dog sitter to pick her up, but that is it. She still eats us out of house and home and is up to her normal weight now, she looks like a normal dog! Over the past year Betsy has been to the vet many times, usually for vomiting which she has bouts of every now and then. The vet says it is chronic gastritis; she is also keen on eating non edible items like my sons small plastic toys! So we have to constantly pick up things from the floor, before they become "Betsy-ized". On the toilet training, she is fairly good as long as the weather is good. Having Lu to show her what to do has really helped, whenever Lu goes out to toilet, Betsy usually follows, sniffs and then she goes too, so they are friends, sisters and teacher and student! Anyway, Bets is settled and getting better every day. The squirrels in our garden have never had so much exercise and we have the best guarded house in the street.
Thanks Ingela for sending us Betsy!
Love Debbie, John and Christian

My Buddy

I can't tell you how happy we are to have Buddy. He is doing really well. We took him for his first walk in the neighborhood yesterday and he had a blast. As i write this he is sleeping on his new bed! Buddy is getting along great with the cats, the only time they get a little vocal with each other is when there is food in the room. My youngest cat and buddy both have amazing appetites so they get upset if the other comes into the room, so i have been feeding them all separately. It works really well.
Take care, Kelly

City Gal Turned Country

Since I just came upon your site and email address, I just wanted to update you with "Snickers". We got her the early part of July 2005 and you had gotten her from Staten Island, NYC. We have had her almost 2 years and she is a pure joy to have around. I call her, "Our City Gal, Turned Country". She is beautiful (and I think she knows it) and can be very comical at times. Gotta love a Labrador that entertains the humans. She is our 6th Labrador and she was labeled as a "mix" but we think she is a pure bred "Field Labrador". She and Cricket get along great and we have our "Bobbsie Twins", 'round two'. Our second and third Labradors were like the Bobbsie Twins (round one) and always knew what each other was thinking and could get into trouble together. Now we have Cricket and Snickers, which by the way, we have kept Snickers name that you gave her. A lot of times we say Snickerdoodle and she knows we are talking to her. She knows that she has gotten her "forever home" with us. Thank you for rescuing her so we could find her and give her a home.
Thanks for the wonderful work you do.
Marion & Doug, and Snickers and Cricket.

Dewey Smiles

Dewey smiles! Our Doberman, Gabby used to very often. Her face kinda twitched and pulled in the fashion Dobermans do when they are extremely happy. Charlie our wonderful Lhasa did too, but slightly differently. Dewey does it if I psych him up with "wanna go out??" He'll stand up against me, furiously wag his tail, smile and then bark happily as I go to get his leash.
He is a real jewel (as your original posted PetFinder description read). He looks like a little bear now and is due for a haircut and bath. Six weeks seems to be the max or he becomes too matted. The groomer adores him! He thrilled my Mom who had come in from San Diego, and slept over. She's a dog person like all of us, and rolled around the floor with him (she's 78!). He bathed her with kisses, of course. My neighbors and their kids stop to pet him and he's so friendly to all of them. We took him on a three-mile walk around Rockland Lake and he behaved beautifully with people and other dogs. What can I say? He's a gift and we are SO LUCKY to have him in our lives and home. Sonal and Marc, you helped us immensely and we love you for it.
Happily in your debt,

Julie Finds Health & Happiness in a Loving Home

Julie came to Rawhide in November 2006 in very poor condition; she was deaf, suffering from a Thyroid condition, skin allergies, Anemia and Pneumonia, after months of care, she has found a home were all her needs are met, she is happy, and adored in her home.

Duffy Finds a Home and a Job

Attached is a picture of Duffy with Matthew and Clare. He has adjusted very well and is in the process of being trained at which he is doing very well. The trainer is convinced that he is a lab/border collie mix making him very smart and trainable but needing a job to do.
Thank you for your help in rescuing the dog for our family!
David, Kathie, Matthew & Clare

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Hi all, Madison is doing great!!! Here is a picture of her and "the girls" on her first day home. We are so happy to have her part of our family; she is such a sweet puppy and is keeping us on our toes!
Many thanks!

Unexpected Bedfellows

Thought you'd enjoy a couple of pics of how Harley is doing. One is with my daughter Kayla...whenever she falls asleep Harley loves to sleep with her. The other is his Best Friend in the whole wide world, Buster. They love each other!

A Diamond in the Ruff

On December 23, 2005 we adopted Biff who we now call Petey (short for Pizza Pie.) Out of the 5 beagles I've owned in my life Petey was the biggest handful, but with lots of love, patience, perseverence, consistency, and ALOT of obedience school, he is now a most wonderful dog. It took him a long time to realize that he had a permanent home with us and will always be fed, loved and given toys of his own. He also had to learn the difference between inside and outside and how to live in a human house with, no matter how demoralizing for a dog, 2 cats, one of which is in charge. He came with some "issues" like agression and not wanting to be touched, especially on his sides, possessiveness and an over abundance of nervous energy. We have the staff at St Hubert's to thank for helping us muddle through these stages with him. Oh the amount of time we spent there in "Time Outs"! But now that he's gotten his puppy agnst out he's letting us see just what a loving, funny silly boy he is. He adores my mother, loves to race laps around the coffee table, is always ready for belly rubs and is a very vocal singer. Here are some pictures of him, one of which with frost on his chin as one of his favorite snacks is new fallen snow. Thank you for rescuing and harboring him until he found his home.
All the best,

Alice in Snowland

I adopted one of the cutest puppies 2.5 weks ago from your Pet Smart adoption day. She is a black lab cocker mix. She was 5 lbs. To date she has almost doubled her weight and is extremely happy. She is doing great with house breaking and crate training. Her name is Alice. Photo's attached from the other day out in the snow and saying good morning to her new best friend, Brownie (Rabbit).
We love her very much!

A One Track Heart

He is doing great!. He is going up and down stairs with no problem now and his back has been fine. He loves to go out to the barn with me to take care of the pony and has played with my mom's collies a couple of times, he's exhausted when he comes home, just sleeps the rest of the day. He is a one person dog, mine that is, although he loves the kids and as you can see from the pictures. He thinks sledding is tons of fun, but when I am around I am the only person he is interested in. He doesn't make a sound in the morning when Ken makes his coffee and breakfast, but as soon as he knows I am out of bed the whining and carriing on starts until I have pet him and let him lick me thouroughly. We are all having tons of fun with him, the cat is the only one who desn't care for him, but she is tollerant. I hope you are well.

Molly Entertains

I just wanted to write in and let you know that I adopted Molly two years ago this February. She's been a very entertaining part of our lives for the past two years. She can be very funny without knowing it. She loves french crullers, hot dogs, and anything else she is not supposed to eat. Also one of her favorite things to do is go for a car ride, especially if it ends at the park for a walk. She just recently went to the vet and we were told that she is a healthy 16 pound 7 year old dog. We love having Molly as part of the family and we know she enjoys getting spoiled here!!!
Best of luck to all the families and the animals without homes!!
Have a great 2007!

Two Seniors Find Solace in Each Other

We lost our mom ten years ago this march. She was the driving force in all of our lives- when she died it was like the sun burning out. We were the planets held in orbit by her gravitational pull... without her we were lost.
Abbie came into my father's life just a few weeks short of this landmark anniversary and already she's become my father's north star. She's given my dad new reasons for being... I quote (dad): "The house needs to be cleaned-up & organized for Abby", "You know that new down coat you made me buy... really came in handy when walking Abby", "Gosh, I really have to take her out 3-4 times a day?"(later that week) "I take Abbie with me wherever I go (even where we aren't supposed to)", "I'm thinking of changing Abby's name to My Dog" ...well that just about says it all, doesn't it?
What does Abbie think about this? I'd like to imagine that she too has a renewed sense of purpose- a little furry compass with a light at the end of her tail charging happily ahead with my father tethered behind. I just want to thank rawhide rescue's senior-to-senior program for giving my dad a piece of himself back in the shape of a little beagle girl named "My Dog".
---Thanks for the love & support
Jordana (Bill's daughter)

Bringing Home Bailey

Bailey is doing great. He has adjusted well to our home and seems to love it as much as we love him. He always wants to follow me, my daughter and husband, he just loves the attention and he is getting a lot of it here. He particularly loves staying in our family room watching tv with us, he just wants to be part of the family. My daughter and I took him to petsmart yesterday to get all his supplies and he was very good.
Thanks for bringing this boy into our lives.

Hearing Sophie's Praise Loud and Clear

Hi, Gayle here, mommy to Sophie (formerly Cashew). We love our baby. She has the biggest ears. She is totally paper trained and doing wonderfully well.
My pug lets her rule the roost. I can't believe how patient Pugsley is with her. She, of course is a hyper baby due to the chi/jack russell make up, but she is a cutie pie. She sleeps in my bed curled up under the blankets as most jacks do, and sleeps the entire night.
She loves to collect shoes and socks, and has stolen all of Pugsley's toys. The good thing is, he now has someone to play with although she does tire him out. LOL
I'm attaching a picture of Sophie and Pugsley. Just look at those ears. She looks like the flying nun.
Thank You!

Sadie Snores

Dear Rawhide Rescue,
Just wanted to let you all know that Sadie is doing so great,she is such a good girl and we all love her so much!!!! Just wanted to pass along a picture of her on the way home from the park, she was so pooped, she passed out in the back seat.
Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!

Ginger is a Keeper

Denise, We absolutely love Ginger and she seems to be quite happy also. She rules the furniture! she is definitely a keeper! She and Wanda (who we adopted from Rawhide in 2002) get along very well, they are a perfect pair. She obviously was fed from the table because she is the cutest little begger!

Jersey Boy

I adopted a Jack Russell from you named Scrappy Doo (now named Jersey) this past July. I drove down to your place from Massachusetts and I have never regreted it for a minute. Jersey just turned one year old. He couldn`t be a more perfect match for me. He really is just a wonderful dog who makes friends with other animals and people wherever he goes. He is happy to be doing any activity in which he is included but is mostly happy just to be my sidekick. He follows me and comes with me just about everywhere. During the day while I work, my friend`s wife has been taking him every day for about five or six hours and he is a part of their family as well. He is so gentle and patient with the various kids who play with him. I attribute his wonderful temperment to the good care he received while waiting for placement at Rawhide and I have continued to train him in similar fashion. He really is just a wonderful dog, beyond words. I just wanted to check in and thank you again. My vet has added Rawhide Rescue as a place she recommends people check with when looking for a pet. Thanks again for what you people do for these animals. It never ceases to amaze me that some people find these wonderful, loving creatures to be disposable. I wish you continued success with your good work.

Kali Helps Heal the Heart

Kali is doing great, she is such a sweet girl and a free spirit, thank you for saving her and her siblings.
Her big sister Roxy became ill very suddenly and we had to let her go. Kali is doing well with it, though I think she would like a new playmate which we will start looking for soon. Kali has made this difficult time a little easier with her loving and goofy personality, we are fortunate to have such a wonderful girl. Here are some pictures that were taken either in my house, in the yard, or in the park. That was the day after we put Rox to sleep and I thought we could use a long, beautiful walk.
Thank you.

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