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Thank You

Nobody Can Do It Alone

A donation from BMS friends In memory of Cody Reilly, beloved companion of Karen Reilly

Girl Scout Troop 391 generously helped out at the Pet Supply Drive on June 9th bringing in lots of toys and treats for our rescue dogs.

Girl Scout Troop 1065 in Bridgewater recently did a drive to collect all types of supplies for Rawhide. This collection took place between February 26 and March 9 and all the goodies were handed over to Rawhide Rescue, boxes and boxes of food, treats, toys, beds, you name it.
Team leaders: Randy and Mary Ann
Girl Scouts: Samantha, Sarah M, Lexi, Sarah B, Emily, Sarika, Lauren, Brandi, Rachel, Julia, Alessandra, Caitlin, Reed

Boomer and Freddy Altieri, two Rawhide alumni, have generously give three spay/neuter certificates to their pals in Arkansas.
Thanks Boomer and Freddy!


Debra Graf

Shelley Crowell

Heather & Sean Gill

Lorraine & Marie Coppola

Sharon & William Molnar

John & Karen Valvanis

Marc & Marie Trajan

Sharon Kenney Becker

Jane Caufield & Kathleen Entler

Barbara & Peter Quinn

Inez Buscicchi

Eleanor Buscicchi

Dena & Stephen Neff

Mrs. Frances Taussig

Kathleen Bukowczyk

Elsie Steiner

Linda Anne Yanetska

Mary & Steven Smith

Doug and Dana Drugo

Al & Bunnie Block

Jacques & Noriko Richard

Steven & Elaine Bergida

Eleanor Buscicchi

Pete & Susan Costas

John Ditski

Marie Zelenty

Roni & Bob Meikle

Roger & Margaret Guttschall

Shawn & Jennifer Ridilla

Nelson $ Deborah Woodard

Katherine Jean Conway

Craig & Debra Ann Treffinger

Fred & Marjorie Walz

Katherine Conway

Karen Adelman

Brian Cooke

Susan Brown & Rosemary Smith

Robin & Clem Yeager

Shelley Hayes

Gayle & Michael Heffernan

David Bonom

Priscilla Siegel

Ruth Tschudin

Jean Tegeler

Erlio and Rosemary Gurpide

Anne Poltorak

Marie Joyce

Kathleen Joyce

Roseanne DiCesari

Joan & Ken Kirsten

Betsy Murphy

Megan Metzelaar

Mary Ann Favetta

Connie Stanzione

Kristy Stracuzzi

Ellen Castell & Janine Ringier

Jay and Linda Nyczak

Megan Balinge

Bart & Frances Smythe

Judith Neaman

Jennifer Wang

Mary & Robert Paulosky

Donna Rozalski

Laura Flynn

Steven & Margaret Schock

Ginny Falluca

Linda Silvestrini

Debbie Graf donating to help Patches

Shelley Crowel donating to help Patches

Frances Taussig

George and Bea Liothake

Debbie and Bill Miller


Maureen Davis for her generosity, support and sponsorship of Sweet Pea

Janet Cullen - thank you for the generous support of Patches

Richard Lynch sponsoring Norma Jean

Kimberly McLaren

Patricia Collelo donated to the Sweet Pea Fund

Girl Scout Troop #1365 of Saddle Brook donated to Capuccine just as she gave birth to her 3 beautiful babies

In honor of Janice Martino, volunteer of Rawhide Rescue who helped us adopt Tanner - Donald & Alice Rogers

In Honor of Midnite who we adopted on 1/22/06 - Margaret & Roger Gutschall

In honor of Renny - Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc.

In honor of Sonal, our Lily's loving foster mom - Marcia Horowitz and Margaret Maloney

In honor of Laura and Bob Paxson - Brian and Michelle Portanova

In honor of Ingela and the wonderful rescue work she does - Karen Bonavita Gromlich

In dedication of Banda, one of the Bama babies adopted in 11/04
She has been everything I could ever have hoped for - Ryan Thelin


The Phillips Family - in memory of Sampson, the beloved pet of Kathy Byron, and who passed away in May 2007. Sampson was adopted from Rawhide on November 8, 2002 at the age of 8

In Memory of Niki - Robin & Randy Adelson

In loving memory of Rags, you are forever in our hearts - Amber, Ryan & Punkin Brown

In loving memory of our beloved German Shepherd Zhameise - Chucky, the Westie and Janet Cullen

In memory of Jackie - Sue Case

In loving memory of Sal - Karen Yannetta

In memory of Peanuts, a cat owned by Joan Darbig - Janet Cullen

In Appreciation

Drs. Donna and Adolphe Greybek, Animal Clinic of Warren, who always make room for our animals and give them such great care.

Dr. Scott Linick, and everyone at the Plainfield Animal Hospital

Drs. Karan Oberhansley, Leighann Farrar, and Barbara Guy of Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital.

Community Help

Girl Scout Troop #1365 of Saddle Brook, NJ that has earned their Bronze Awared HELPING ANIMALS and Rawhide Rescue

Kindergarteners and fourth graders from Summit Public Schools participated in their second fundraiser to benefit Rawhide Rescue dogs.

Girl Scout Troop 941 for scouting out donations of dog food, puppy food, cat and kitten food, treats, and cleaning supplies.

Girl Scouts, Troop 391 for their yearly supplies drive at PetSmart to collect food, essentials, and of course, rawhides for their favorite rescue group!

A special thank you goes out to the Girl Scouts of Troup 633 for the fabulous food andfund drive they held for us.

Jennifer Scuderi and Tilly for running such great donation drives for supplies at the JFK and Milltown Schools.

Girl Scout troop (Junior Troop 328 of Basking Ridge, NJ) for donating supplies.

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We are not a shelter.  You can visit with our dogs on adoption days.  Please see our Events Page