Don't let your cat turn out like me!

Why Kitties belong indoors....
Teddy's Story


Hi, I'm Teddy and I'm a 5 month old kitten.  My family was suppose to love and take care of me, but instead they insisted that I go outside.  Sometimes they even made me stay out overnight and it was cold & scary.  

One night I was attacked by an animal, it pushed me on my back and tried to rip out my stomach!!  
My tummy hurts now and is full of puncture wounds. 

My wounds became abscessed because my family didn't take me to the hospital right away.  
I had to undergo surgery to drain the puncture wounds and a Drain Line was installed in my tummy. 
The Drain Line is 5 inches long and goes in one side and out the other.  OUCH!


I am now dripping and oozing blood & puss from my drain line and my tummy hurts me very much. 
The initial bill from the hospital was $900 and the overall bill will be around $1,500. 
I'm now at risk for more infections and i'm getting yukky medications & hot compresses.  

But the nice folks at Smitten By Kittens are taking great care of me and i'm getting better everyday.   

After all this wouldn't you think my family would decide to let me live inside 100% of the time? 
Well, you would be wrong. 
They said "this will probably happen again and we can't afford more medical bills so we'll have to surrender him".  

Don't you think the smart answer would have been to let me be an "Indoor Only Kitty"?    DUH!

The really nice folks at Smitten By Kittens agreed to take me in until I can be put up for adoption. 

Teddy says "Please do your cat a favor and don't let this happen to them, keep them indoors!"

If this story helps to convince just 1 family that letting your cat outside is a bad idea,
then it's worth the time for me to tell it.


Love, Teddy


Here are some pictures of my friend Caramel whose tail had to be amputated when she was left outside.  She now lives with a wonderful, kind, loving family and she views the outdoor world from a picture window.