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Szaro Consulting


2005 Kitty Woodworking Day - Building Food Shelters for the Safety of our Feral Colonies

Thank you so much to everyone for your individual contributions to a very successful Kitty Woodworking Day. Today we built 8 permanent outdoor shelters to protect the Gravity Feeders/Waterers.

Each unit is virtually indestructible and should last forever. The units weigh in at a whopping 120 lbs. each, have locks, roofing shingles, are made from pressure treated wood and have 2 doorways. We will be drilling the units into the ground to make them unremovable and we will be coating the screws so that no one can tamper with them.

This was a lot of hard work and I would like to thank everyone for their individual contributions. Please know that everyone played an important part in this TEAM effort.

The event was hosted by Brad & Rosemary - many thanks for our hosts and many many thanks to Rosemary for giving such wonderful woodworking equipment to Brad. To those of you who couldn't make it, Brad has quite an impressive stock of tools, he puts Bob Villa to shame. Brad kept the pace of the day going and going and going! His new & improved shelters will be a permanent addition to our feeding areas and his design is spectacular.

John was there on hand for building and he helped transport and install the units. He drove in from Pearl River, NY to donate his time. He put all the units together with Brad and installed all the hardware. He helped keep the pace and momentum going, so thanks again John!

Jim was instrumental as a carpenter, he was measuring and sawing away for over 6 hours. He was tiredless in his efforts and we could not have done this without him. Jim drove over 2 hours from Long Island to volunteer his entire Sunday to help these cats and these people. He used his carpentry skills to work and we thank him. He was tenacious and driven throughout the entire day. We would still be there building right now if it wasn't for his participation, so thank you again and again Jim!

Chris provided us with the "Property of Morristown Humane Law Enforcement" stencils, the laminated TRAP Badges and the plaques to put on the side of each unit. He was also part of the nailing and screwing team. And if anyone ever needs a roofer......Chris is your guy! His gift as a Graphic Artist has helped Smitten By Kittens tremendously and we have leaned on him so much over the past few months.

Jackie was a our lead Nail/Hammer/Screw gal, she drilled and hammered for 5 hours straight then helped to install the shelters all over Morristown. There is also a great picture of her using the saw that takes some bravery to use. She also provided lots of laughter and a smile even though at times it was cold and felt like we would never finish.

Ken and Liz met us at the locations and assisted in installing the units, and they used their muscles to do the carrying that we were too tired to do. Thanks for batting cleanup for us weary souls guys!

Beth lent us her truck (which we now call the Sanford & Son truck) which made it possible for us to transport and deliver all the units. We love that truck and many thanks to Beth for letting us
borrow it for the day.

Debbie provided us with coated locks for each unit - so the feeders inside will be secure. She braved Home Depot on a Sunday morning and we thank her!

This undertaking helps the cats to have a safe place to eat where they are protected from the elements. These shelters also help the people who care for the cats. The volunteers dedicate so much of their time and they are taken away from their families on a daily basis.

By providing these secured/non-tamperable units, these folks can now gain back some of their personal time. We have seen the benefits of providing Gravity Feeders/Waterers at other sites. This helps us to triple/quadruple the amount of cats we care AND reducing the amount of time it takes to do so.

"It takes a village......." - so thank you to the Smitten By Kittens Tribesmen and Tribeswomen for all your effort and time. It is always appreciated by so many two and four legged creatures.




Szaro Consulting