Smitten By Kittens is a non-profit 501(c)3 not-for-profit volunteer organization that provides Trap-Neuter-Release, Fostering, Rescue and Adoptions for cats and kittens in need of permanent forever homes"/>

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"Our Angel Andrea" 

February 20, 2009 - We miss her


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Don't let Kitty Outside!

Click here, Teddy wants to tell his story of the unnecessary pain he went through.

How To Find a Lost Kitty


Toxic Plants & Your Cat






















































We do Adoptions 7 Days a Week, Email Us Today

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Petsmart at the Rockaway Mall
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Foster With The Right To Adopt

Ask us about our award winning FOSTER WITH THE RIGHT TO ADOPT program.

 Become a pre-approved adopter and choose a kitty to foster.  It's so hard to find the perfect match for you and your family,
so take a few weeks or months and see if it's the right fit.  If it's not, bring kitty back and try a different kitty. 
We've had people foster up to 5 cats before finding the purr-fect match!!

We supply a Foster Care Kit
It includes everything you need to take kitty home that day: 
(Litter Box, Scooper, Bowls, Toys, Kitty Bed, Carrier, Food)

You supply the Love and a Private Room (initially) for the Cat or Kitten(s)! 
*There is no time limit on fostering adult cats.

For Rabbits Please Come Visit Us At A Hoppy Tail

A Hoppy Tail


We do Adoptions 7 Days a Week, Email Us Today!

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Our Mission Statement:

Smitten By Kittens is a non-profit 501(c)3 not-for-profit volunteer organization that provides Trap-Neuter-Release, Fostering, Rescue and Adoptions for cats and kittens in need of permanent forever homes.

We have lots of cats & kittens in need of forever homes, please contact us and we will work with you to find you the PURRFECT Match!  Yes, this is Kitty Match-Making. 

Adoption is the Answer! In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats. It is estimated that 15 million adoptable cats/kittens are killed every year and that 95% of feral kittens die within the first year. Kittens are eaten by other animals, Cats are hit by cars and die from exposure to the elements. By adopting from us you help save lives!

Who We Are
We got our start rescuing Kittens in October of 2002 and have been performing Trap/Neuter/Release on the adults since then. We find wonderful homes for the kittens thanks to people like you! If you would like to become a pre-approved adopter with Smitten By Kittens please contact us at
adopt at By becoming a pre-approved adopter you will get "first pick" of our rescued kittens/cats.

Medical Information

Medical History Form And Vaccination Schedule Smitten By Kittens
Kitten Vaccination Information Smitten By Kittens
What Is FIP? Smitten By Kittens
Feline Leukemia Smitten By Kittens
**Feline Leukemia Testing: Why You Are Wasting Your Money Smitten By Kittens
 Facts Regarding FIV and FeLV Smitten By Kittens
The Scoop on Poop Smitten By Kittens
Low Cost Spay Neuter Participating Vets - For Smitten By Kitten adopters ONLY

Training Information
How To Train Kitty Not To Scratch Your Furniture Smitten By Kittens
Why Kittens Should Be Adopted In Pairs Smitten By Kittens

Shopping List
The Kitty Shopping List Smitten By Kittens

De-claw Information
Why You Shouldn't De-claw Your Kitty Smitten By Kittens

Toxic Plants & Your Cat
Make Your Pet's Home Poison Safe: List of Toxic Plants

Lost Kitty Information
How To Find a Lost Kitty


Contact Info : Email ONLY Please  (We are Volunteers who work full time jobs)

Smitten By Kittens
P.O. Box 324
Morristown, N.J. 07963

adopt at

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Here are some of our Special Volunteers and
their Amazing Accomplishments


Congrats to all the Junior Volunteers, they raised $907 in donations during our Pet Photos with Santa!  The kids sat by the doors all weekend and raised money. 

(From the Top Left: Elizabeth, Austin, Santa, Griffin)
(From the Bottom Left: Eliana, Charlie the Dog, Micaela, Ryan)


Congrats to Griffin, he raised $510 by asking for donations instead of birthday gifts -
HooYa! Way to go Griffin!


Congrats to
Ariana on her Bronze Award.  She spent all of her free time gathering baskets and baskets full of donations!  There were a lot of baskets!






Congrats to James who raised $422  by asking for donations for his birthday in lieu of gifts. 
James is in the 2nd Grade
Center Grove Elementary School in Randolph.



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