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How To Find a Lost Kitty

Here are some tips in finding your lost cat. We have lots of success stories, so keep the faith.

1. Make flyers with your cats picture. Then place each flyer in every single mailbox in an 8 block radius. You will need about 100 to 400 flyers. If you live near/in a condo complex then you may need more. Make sure to include all your phone numbers and email address.

2. Trap Kitty with Canned Tuna and Salmon. You can rent traps at local Rental Stores, Rescues or at your Local Pound. Place the Traps near the location where you last saw your kitty. It is usually very close to where you live. Cover the traps with blankets and with plastic to keep them dry and warm. A cold breeze can kill a cat overnight. Begin trapping at Dusk and check after Dawn. Spread the area with the Salmon or Tuna Juice, and use fresh bait every night! Leave a Note on the Trap detailing what you are doing and your contact information. Notify your neighbors of what you are doing.

NUMBER 1 & NUMBER 2 are KEY to getting your cat back.

3. Call the police 3 times the first day at 8 hour intervals. Speak with each dispatcher on each shift. Then call all 3 shifts every 2-3 days.

4. Call the Animal Control Officer in your town and find out what Pound your town uses. Your town might use a Pound that is 10 or 20 miles away in another town. There may be more than one, so make sure to ask. Most towns have a contract with 1 or more Pounds, it's your tax dollars so call for help. Fax them your flyer (Police, Animal Control and the Pounds). Call the Pound every 2 days.

5. Call/Email all the local Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups. Fax/Email them your flyer, make sure you have a picture, description and contact info.

6. Register your missing cat on Petfinder or on Missing Pets.

7. Call all of your local Vet Clinics and Hospitals.

8. Cats are Crepuscular NOT Nocturnal. So look for kitty during the Dawn and Dusk hours. They will sleep during the day.

9. Don't assume that kitty did not cross a busy Street or Highway! Yes, they will cross over, so look there too.

10. Remember, time is of the essence. It's critical to your cats life that you don't wait. Act now and save your cat lots of fear, pain and suffering. Kitty is scared to death and needs you to show your love by putting everything on hold for him. You can sleep when you get him back.

Follow our directions and you have an excellent chance of getting kitty back!


Szaro Consulting