Castiel and Ishtar's Tale

Shortly after my beloved Morpheus' passing, I needed another feline presence in the apartment. I was grieving something fierce. Though we had four cats remaining, it wasn't the same. I felt an overwhelming emptiness indescribable with words. I looked on Petfinder to see if any kitties made me feel that gut instinct I felt with Morpheus. I didn't know what I was expecting, but I did find a kitty I wanted to meet, named Logan. Ron and I arranged to meet him at the START II shelter on a Saturday morning before I went work. Logan didn't click with us. He didn't like to be held and really didn't pay us any attention. Volunteers said we should look around. Maybe we would be interested in another cat.

Ron found two kitties, about 9 months old, in a cage together. The larger of the two was a brown spotted tabby. His paws were huge and his tail, permanently poufy. The other was a petite little brown marble tabby. She had a similar face to Morpheus. We opened the cage and the boy started to give Ron bunny kicks on his hand. He was purring up a storm and loved interacting with us. The little girl kind of hid behind her brother. I knew I would feel bad about separating them. Ron and I decided to adopt them both.

We renamed them Castiel (after our favorite character on Supernatural) and Ishtar (after the Babylonian goddess).

Castiel busted out of their "safety room," not even an hour being home. He was completely fascinated with the television and watched an episode of Fraggle Rock before trying to get behind the television to get the characters. Ishtar hid behind my desk for 3 days. I worked with her every day to get her used to her surroundings and us. It paid off. Now she follows me everywhere.

While Morpheus can never be replaced, Castiel and Ishtar have carved their own special place in my heart. I can't imagine my world without either of them. They helped the pain not hurt as bad. I am forever in their debt.