Hamilton's Tale

After our dog died suddenly in August 2011, we knew we wanted another dog. We knew we wanted a small breed that was non-shedding and we definitely wanted a puppy. So how did we wind up with a four-year-old black lab? S.T.A.R.T. II has always been an organization that we donated money and supplies to, so it was an easy decision to contact Marge and see if she had a puppy for us. Marge was very honest and told us small puppies rarely come through her rescue group but we were welcomed to see the new arrivals who had arrived from South Carolina that morning. That evening we went to the Englewood shelter of START II. We were immediately greeted by Jodi, who invited us in to see the dogs. There were many dogs at the shelter, all of them large, and all needing someone to take them to their forever home. My husband was immediately drawn to a four-year-old black lab named Hamilton. We honestly had never considered an older dog, but they need to be loved just as much as a puppy. The added bonus is they are already house trained! We were allowed to play with Hamilton in the yard and take him for a walk. He was very comfortable with us and we agreed that Hamilton had to become a member of our family ASAP.

We filled out the paperwork and brought Hamilton to our car. He jumped into the driver's seat, so eager was he to go to his forever home. After a quick stop at Petco to buy food and supplies, Hamilton was introduced to his new home. He quickly made himself at home on the living room couch, our bed, and most definitely in our hearts!

I strongly urge anyone who is considering adding a dog to their household to consider an older dog from a shelter. They will get a loyal and thankful pet who will be a friend for life.

The Zimmerman Family
Fair Lawn, New Jersey