Jinx's Tale

On January 13, 2013, I adopted Jinx (formerly known as Virgil) from the S.T.A.R.T. II shelter. I have had cats all of my life. At that point in time, my boyfriend and I were proud guardians of 2 rescues. Brothers named Jax and Jasper. It was a big decision to adopt them because it was like us deciding to have children together. They are awesome, one very crazy and active, the other shy, and always following his brother. They made us a happy little family. Always having had cats before in my life, my brother and I were always taking in strays; my belief is the more the merrier. Due to our renting situation, that is not always possible.

After about a year of having the boys, I stared to think about wanting to add to the family. I started dropping hints to my boyfriend. He loves cats too, but was worried about having too many and living in an apartment, and what if we had to move one day and so on. I had started taking classes to become a veterinary assistant with my goal to work with rescue animals so my thoughts were ever present on wanting to rescue more kitties. My sister-in-law, Colleen, is a volunteer at S.T.A.R.T. II and loves the animals there and always sees them coming and going. So one day in early January my brother, Ron, was at the shelter with her and saw one of the new arrivals. They called him Virgil. He contacted me right away with pictures. I fell in love! He's a beautiful grey tabby with an almost oriental looking face. I told him I was very interested, my only hurdle would be bringing it up to my boyfriend. So later that night when he came home I gently broached the subject again. I said he was at the shelter that Colleen worked at and showed him the pictures that my brother had sent. He loved him just as I had! He said yes! I was so excited and I knew that Jax and Jasper would be perfect at accepting a new member to the family.

On Sunday January 13, I took a trip to the shelter with my brother just to visit him and get to know him a bit because at first they didn't think he would be ready to go home. He was so perfect! Purring, meowing, and loving to play. He was, and still is, a ball of energy. We played for I don't know how long, then I was told that if I wanted, I could take him home that day! Of course, I said yes!

I was so excited when I got him home, I couldn't wait to introduce him to the gang. Jasper was a bit frightened by him at first because he was so wild and happy to be out of a cage. Moreover, Jax was very curious of him. There was no growling or aggression between any of them. At first Jinx barely paid attention to them, he was too excited to be free and have a bunch of toys to play with. He went strong playing till late at night with everything he could get his paws on. I think he was expecting to be put back in a cage at some point, because I don't think he knew what to do with all the freedom he had. He is a perfect fit to our family! It only took a few short days and he was bonded with the other cats. A definite perfect play partner for high energy Jax. He is a no fear cat and we have just recently been taking him on harnessed excursions outside. He loves exploring! He has definitely become a beloved part of our family!

Thank you,
Nicole Sudial