Louie's Tale

Five years ago the cat that I grew up with passed away. I was very sad and was looking for a kitty to adopt. One day, my ex and I were at the Petsmart in Wayne, NJ when we saw this black and white big guy, looking just like my dead pet. I immediately wanted him. We went in and started petting him but he was cranky and scratched my ex. We were about to leave when this scrawny tabby jumped off his cage and bumped his head into my hand while I was still squatting. I petted him. He pushed his face even more and purred. He didn't leave me.

The same day we filed an application. We named him Louie - the most loving, mushy, adorable big guy! After a hard breakup, I took him with me and his love helped me through the hard times. I can't imagine my life without him. He doesn't leave my side, follows me everywhere in the house and flips happily in my feet every time I come home from work. He likes to jump on my back and get a ride throughout the apartment. Or follows me in the bathroom and creepily watch me in the shower. At night, he sneaks in and snuggles with me in bed and when I wake up, he comes to my face, rubs in and starts my day with a smile. I love this boy more than I love most people and will always be thankful to the START II team for saving him and giving us the chance to meet.

The right pet truly picks you. It fills your life and it gives you purpose.

Thank you for saving lives and bringing happiness.

Thank you!
Maya Ivanova and Louie (CK) :-)