A Price To Run A Non-profit Shelter

Save The Animals Rescue Team II (START II), a non-profit, no-kill, all-volunteer animal rescue group located in Englewood with four other adoption sites would like for the public to understand how a non-profit animal shelter works with the little funds they receive. With 42 years in service to the North Jersey area, this group has a fabulous handle on its adoptions, fees and running a non-profit shelter.

START II, pays for FIV testing in cats which costs $15 per cat. A spay is $90 cat or dog, while a neuter is $75 for cat or dog. Distemper is $5, with Rabies vaccination at $15. De-worming at $10, with a Fecal at $10. Not including grooming, food, litter, laundry/cleaning products, cages, and all other maintenance for the shelter such as basic needs: heat & air conditioning etc. With just these few items listed without the additional costs of what a shelter may incur, we hope that this now gives those potential adoptors' the understanding when they adopt, not only are they saving a life but the volunteers are also saving lives on a daily basis out of their own will and heart.

A cost to adopt out a cat or kitten? $90 for female, $75 for male. Dogs ranges vary due to age, breed, puppy or adult.
Let's face it, non-profit shelters lose money and run a shelter out of love and compassion which is the reason why they continue to ask for help with donations, and additional volunteers. These groups are always fundraising to help with overhead costs. Unfortunately, nothing comes for free. Volunteers do not get paid for all their work not to mention the funding they put out of their own pockets to help animals in need. These dedicated volunteers work around the clock, dog walking, fostering, shelter cleaning, adoptions and so much more on top of working full time jobs. Volunteers are dedicated in their hearts and want the best outcome for any animal.
Non-profit groups such as Save The Animals Rescue Team II traps cats/kittens, takes in surrenders as well as taking in animals from other high kill shelters when they are asked for help. These high kill shelters, have paid staff and receive funding from the state or county in which they reside. Unfortunately, non-profits do not receive any type of funding and must rely solely on volunteers for their dedication to animal welfare. These volunteers are the voices behind every furry face you view.

We all agree it is a good idea to adopt from a high kill shelter as these animals are going to be euthanized. The rate of euthanizing in each state varies however, over all in the United States, is overwhelming. Non-profit groups help alleviate the flooding of animals from high kill shelters, however cannot afford to lower their costs because they do not get any reimbursement from the county or state. County/State shelters make their money on the number of animals that go through it doors, unlike non-profit groups. Non-profit groups are not in business to make money but focus in on how many lives it can save.

Another difference, as Save The Animals Rescue Team II works very closely with each animal and understands their needs and wants. Volunteers take time to work with them until adopted. That information is conveyed to the new adoptee in order to make the right fit.
If a potential adopter questions a non-profit group on their adoption fees for an animal, the real question to the group is can this potential adopter actually afford to properly take care of an animal. Adopting any new pet is for life. Potential adopters must face the reality of this and not think "oh if we move we won't take the animal or when I feel the animal gets too old then I want to dump it and get a much younger pet". Before any adoption, one must think about the costs associated with owning a pet. No matter the age, there will be veterinarian costs. How much will depend on how healthy the pet is. They are just like humans. Yearly checkups, dental, shots, and whatever else may arise.,br /> Save The Animals Rescue Team II, recommends the next time someone is thinking of adopting a new pet, each family member should be there to make sure they all agree on the animal and get along with it. Otherwise in the long run, the animal is the one who suffers going back and forth from a shelter to a home back to the shelter again. If the main adoptee passes away, he/she should consider to have a living will and mention as to whom the pet should be placed with in order for it to be properly taken care of instead of being dumped back into the shelter.
Save The Animals Rescue Team II can never turn its back on an animal in need no matter what the cost. Our Mission is simple: Save The Animals Rescue Team II (S.T.A.R.T. II), is a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating the plight of homeless and abandoned companion animals. We take in as many adoptable animals as we can from local pounds. These animals are provided veterinary care, clean living conditions, exercise and socialization. With 42 years in existence, S.T.A.R.T. II has an impeccable reputation in animal rescue.
Save The Animals Rescue Team II is always looking for highly dedicated volunteers to join its team. There is so much work to do and help is greatly needed in order to continue its mission of saving lives. Areas of special interest: dog walkers on weekends, fostering, outside adoptions, grant writing fundraising and so much more.
If anyone is interested in adopting or if you know of anyone who may be interested, please visit us on our website at www.startii.org or find us on facebook at facebook.com/ SaveTheAnimalsRescueTeamII. You can always visit us at one of our Adoption Locations during hours or call the shelter at 201-797-886 for help or special appointments.
Our PetSmart Locations are: PetSmart Paramus, Rt. 17 North, Paramus (cats and dogs) M - Th by appointment only, Fri 7p - 9p and Sat 11a - 8p, Wayne PetSmart 57 Rt. 23 (near Home Goods) (cats only) M - F by appointment only, Sat & Sun 11a - 5p, Nanuet PetSmart, 155 E. Rt. 59, Nanuet (cats only) M - F by appointment only and Sat & Sun 11a. Please be sure to visit our new location PetValu in River Edge Saturday 11a - 3p (cats only).
From our home to yours,
Save The Animals Rescue Team II