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The CCSPCA has a low cost spay/neuter clinic that is available to the public. By providing this service we are helping to reduce the number of unwanted animals born each year in our area.
The CCSPCA's clinic is staffed by licensed veterinarians and skilled technicians.
Surgery Prices

Female - $65
If Pregnant - add $20
Male - $45
Distemper - $15
  Rabies 1yr - $10
  Rabies 3yr - $15
Microchip ID - $40


FEMALES                                                    MALES
under  50lbs $110 under 50 lbs $100
50 - 80 lbs $135 50 - 80 lbs 125
81 - 100 lbs $160 81-100 lbs $150
101-120 lbs $185 101 - 120 lbs $175
If the dog is over 120 lbs, use the 120lb price and then add $2.00 for each pound over 120 your animal is.
If your animal is pregnant, in heat, obese or has a hernia, dewclaws or other medical need or issue that is discovered during surgery then additional fees may apply
If aggressive add $40
Distemper - $15
 Rabies 1yr - $10
Rabies 3yr - $15
Microchip ID - $40

Elizabethan collars are available for an additional charge on the day of surgery. These collars prevent the animal from chewing the surgery area and possibly wounding itself.

Animals are dropped off at the SPCA between 7:30 -   8:00 AM  and have to be picked up the same day between 2:00 -  3:30 PM.

For an appointment you will need to visit the shelter to complete surgery paperwork and pay for your appointment in full. Your surgery will be scheduled and you will receive an appointment card with the date of your appointment. Payment in the form of cash or credit only - we cannot accept personal checks for services. When time allows you may make your appointment over the phone as long as you are paying by credit card. There is an additional $5 convenience fee PER APPOINTMENT for this service.
Please note: If your appointment is not kept for ANY reason without at least 48 hours advance notice, your surgery fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. We are financially responsible to the vet for your appointment whether it is kept or not.
Shots are only offered during the time of surgery - we do not offer shots unless your animal is here to be spayed or neutered or unless we are having a Vaccine Clinic Day see our event list for Vaccine Clinic information.



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