DVSC Foster Screening E-Form for Cats

Personal Information
Street Address:
State Zip Code
Your E-Mail Address:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Best time to reach you:
Household Information
Do you live in:
Do you own or rent your home?:
Name and phone number of Landlord or
housing complex to confirm they allow cats:
(A website is also acceptable):
Number of Adults in House:
Number of Children in House:
Is anyone in your house allergic to cats?
Do all famiily members agree to foster?
Number of hours the cat will be alone
How often do you travel away for work/pleasure?
Current Pets
What kind of pets do you currently have [if any]
(dogs, cats, birds, snakes, gerbils)?:
What are the breeds and ages of these pets?:
Are all your cats/dogs spayed or neutered?:
If you answered mixed spay/neuter, please explain:
Are all your pets current on vaccinations?
Do any of your cats go outside?:
Who takes care of your pet(s) while you are away?
Veterinary Information
Name and phone number of current
or most recent veterinarian:
If you don't currently have pets
What type of pets have you previously owned?:
What happened to them?:
Have you fostered before?
If yes, name of organization:
How many cats/kittens can you foster at one time?
What age kittens/cats can you foster?
Do you know how to bottle feed?
Check the types of cats you're willing to foster  
Pregnant mom / Mom and babies
Kitten not requiring bottle feeding
Cat that has been abused, neglected or stressed
Cat with a physical handicap
Cat on daily medication
Cat recovering from illness or surgery
Are you able to give?  
Liquid meds
Do you have a separate room where you would keep the foster cat if needed?
Do you have a cage?
Do you have extra cat supplies? ( i.e. litter pan, dishes, cat bedding, etc)
What supplies would you need?
Are you familiar introducing a new animal into the household?
Are you able to take the cat to a DVSC-approved vet if they become ill?
Are you willing to screen adoption applications for your fosters?
Are you willing to show kittens/cats in your home for adoptions?
Are you able to transport kittens/cats to Saturday adoption days?
Is there anything else you want to tell us?
Please provide the name and phone number of two references
Reference 1 Name:
Reference 1 Number:
Reference 1 Email:
Relation to Reference 1:
Best time to call Reference 1:
Reference 2 Name:
Reference 2 Number:
Reference 2 Email:
Relation to Reference 2:
Best time to call Reference 2:

Our compromise to you:

We appreciate your willingness on taking this responsibility. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted by one of our coordinators for a home visit and set the day for you to receive your foster. You will be assigned to one of our coordinators for follow ups. We will provide all veterinary care needed to our fosters throughout the time you foster the cat for us.

Your compromise to DVSC:

You will take care of the cat/kitten as one of your own. If you see anything wrong with the cat (i.e. bald spot, diarrhea, flu symptoms, etc.), you will notify DVSC immediately.

I am at least 18 years old
I certify that this information is true and correct

Please review this form before you click on Send!  Once you have done that your form, with all its information, will have been emailed.

The purpose of this application is to know your abilities and know the foster you can take home. After you submit this application, you should hear from a DVSC Cat Volunteer within 24 Hours.