Dog.s Name:

B.A.R.K. Pre-Adoption Application

Bonnie.s Animal Rescue Kingdom

  1. Please print neatly and clearly
  2. Provide all required information. Missing information will delay your application.
  3. All references must be contacted before you can adopt.

Please Note:
I. Personal Information:

What type of pet are you seeking to adopt?
Dog Puppy (<10 mos.) Male Female
First Name: Last Name:
Daytime Phone Number: Evening Phone Number:
Cell Phone: Email:

II. Tell Us About You

How did you hear about B.A.R.K.?
Web TV Newspaper Friend/Relative Walk/In Internet Other:

Type of home do you live in:
Single Family Multi-Family Condo/Twnhse Apt

Do you:
Own Rent

If rent, landlord name:
phone number:

Please list all individuals living in the home, their ages, occupation and typical work/school schedule of each person (i.e. work from home, work M-F, 9-5pm, etc.)

What provisions will be made for your dog if no one is home during the day?

Do you have a fenced yard?
Yes No

If yes, height of fence/type:

How often would the dog be unattended in the yard?

Reasons for wanting a dog?
Pet/Companion Gift Guard/Watch dog Other(Please explain):

How much are you financially prepared to spend for routine medical care, licensing, etc.?

How much are you financially prepared to spend in case of an emergency?

Who will have the major pet care responsibility?
Applicant Mom/Dad Children Family Other Relative Neighbor

Will this be your first dog?
Yes No

Do you currently have any other pets? Yes No

If yes, please list name, type, breed, age, spayed/neutered, how long had each pet.
Where will the dog be kept when alone?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Do you plan on crating the dog?
Yes No Maybe

If so, how many hours a day will the dog be crated? # of hours.

What will you do if your dog chews furniture or show other destructive behavior?
Contact a professional Use a book Personal knowledge Provide Training
Other(Please explain):

Some pets may take 30 days or longer to adjust. Are you willing to give this pet time to adapt to its new environment and family members?
Yes No

Have you ever lost or given away a pet?
Yes No

If yes, explain:

Have you ever had a pet killed by a vehicle?
Yes No

Do you intend to keep the dog primarily:
Indoors Basement Outdoors Garage Confined

Where and how do you plan to exercise the dog?

Is a change in residence possible within the next few years?
Yes No

If you were moving to a residence that did not allow dogs, to whom would you give your dog?

Who is your current veterinarian?

Name & Phone Number (include name of pet and last name records are under)

If you are not currently using a vet, please provide the name and phone # of last veterinarian your pet records are held with pet names or the name of the vet you plan on utilizing.

III. Our Information

Do you understand there is a non-refundable adoption fee to help cover the expenses of transport, health certificates, inoculations, and general care for the animals?
Yes No

If requested of you, are you willing to provide written proof that your current pet is spayed/neutered?
Yes No

Do you fully understand and agree, under B.A.R.K. contract rules, the pet you are seeking to adopt will be spayed/neutered?
Yes No

Do you fully understand that if you are adopting a puppy that has not been altered you will be required to send a copy of your spay/neuter certificate to B.A.R.K. once the procedure is completed?
Yes No

Do you fully understand that if you qualify and adopt a pet from B.A.R.K you WILL be contacted for further verification of the pet.s welfare and will cooperate by providing requested information which MAY include a visit to your residence by B.A.R.K.?
Yes No

Do you fully understand and agree that if your adopted pet should not work out in your home that, under B.A.R.K. contract rules, the pet MUST be returned to B.A.R.K.?
Yes No

In the event you qualify and adopt a pet from B.A.R.K. are you willing to provide us with written follow-up reports, if requested?
Yes No

Do you fully understand that B.A.R.K. reserves the right to refuse any adoption we feel is not in the best interest of the animal or adopter?
Yes No

IV. References

Please provide three (3) references. These references MUST NOT be related to you nor should they reside with you. All references MUST BE contacted BEFORE you can qualify for adoption.

V. Signatures

Print Name (Individual who completed this form):

Signature: Date:

B.A.R.K. volunteer initials & date:


Volunteers of B.A.R.K. are dedicated to saving abandoned animals. We ask many questions of prospective adopters because we want the puppies/dogs to find a home that.s just the right match. Many of them have left a less-than-desirable place and we want their next home to be theirs for the rest of their lives.