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We can no longer take on any surrenders.
Unfortunately our rabbit rescuer has retired for now and can't take on any more rabbits.


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How To Care For Your Bunny

1. Do not feed your rabbit lettuces, we don't recommend any because of their ability to dehydrate rabbits too quickly. Carrots, apples, natural banana chips, black sunflower seeds, parsley, papaya enzyme tablets, basil, dandelions, and popcorn ( no butter) are my favorite rabbit treats.

2. I also insist on fruit/nut tree branches when they are growing fresh (with the leaves still on them) to wear down their teeth. Rabbits need Timothy hay or Orchard Grass - these are hays that should be fed to your bunny. Do NOT give straw or regular hay, there is no nutritional value.

3. Also many people buy alfalfa cubes at the pet shop and too much alfalfa can constipate rabbits. I recommend every three days that a rabbit receive at least one of these 'treats' to help break down the hairballs in their stomach. Because an average rabbit has a softball sized hard hairball in it's stomach and by 4 years old that will eventually kill them if it's not managed carefully.

4. Please also be mindful that Rabbits are highly sensitive to heat, rabbits should be kept indoors and cool.

For more tips on rabbit care please contact adopt@ahoppytail.com

Our Mission Statement:

A Hoppy Tail is a 100% volunteer organization that provides Fostering, Rescue and Adoptions for Bunnies in need of permanent forever homes.