Beulah Burman's PET Projects is a very small group of compassionate, caring and dedicated human beings from throughout Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, and is a branch of the Beulah Burman Memorial Animal Shelter Society. We are commited to living out our motto: "To help one animal at a time." Rescuing wounded, sickly, neglected and abandoned animals doesn't just serve the animals themselves --- it makes Shelburne County a better place to live.

Through the efforts of PET Projects' leadership and committed volunteers, hundreds of animals have found new homes throughout Shelburne County since August of 2006. Funds were also raised that allowed over 200 additional cats and dogs to be spayed or neutered in order to reduce the animal overpopulation and dumping problem. As well, countless abandoned animals have received medical care.


ANIMAL RESCUE AND FOSTER CARE: PET Projects is a "no-cage" organization, placing stray and abandoned animals into foster home where they receive love, food, shelter and veterinary care while they are advertised in various ways and eventually adopted into forever-homes. PET Projects is also a "no-kill" organization, which means that animals brought into our care will not be euthanized if homes cannot be found after a certain period of time. If you're interested in becoming a foster parent, apply online!

SPAY AND NEUTER SUBSIDIZATION: PET Projects believes strongly in the value of spaying and neutering to control the pet population and to eliminate the rampant problem of homeless, unwanted pets. We offer financial assistance to qualifying applicants toward the cost of a spay/neuter (one pet per household). This program will be available again in the fall!

TRAP/NEUTER/RELEASE: This is a program currently under development that involves live-trapping cats in colonies (a group of cats living together that are not "owned" but have access to food and adequate shelter through a volunteer caretaker), spaying or neutering them, and then releasing them back into the colony setting. This humane alternative to euthanization allows the cats to live but not reproduce, thus ending the cycle. We are also able to identify and rescue those cats who are tame enough to be socialized through our foster care system and eventually adopted.After seeing incredible success through our pilot projects, this program is on hold until further notice.

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