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Please do check our CURRENT PET LIST! Please check back weekly for updates. You may also join the SBDR Yahoo Group for updates on available dogs!


As of August 2007, SBDR is now located near Reno, Nevada.

Who We Are

Small Breed Dogs Rescue was founded by Rosy Jaszczyk in November of 2001. It is a small dog rescue organization which started out in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Now it is located near Reno, Nevada.

This is NOT an Animal Shelter, Breeding Facility, or Kennel. All dogs are kept in Rosy's home and treated as a member of the family; this allows for a proper and complete evaluation of the dog's temperament, disposition and personality. The rescue is dedicated to save as many dogs as is humanly and financially possible. Dogs in need of a new home are rescued or taken in from their owners or rescued from an animal shelter. A new, permanent home which meets both the Individual Dog's needs and the New Owner's needs  is found.

Some dogs are from Animal Shelters and there is no information available on their background. Some are Owner Surrendered Pets. Loving care in a home is provided until the Dog has found a New qualified, permanent Parent. Dogs are carefully evaluated for temperament and disposition.

Expenses (shots, medications, food, training, crates, potty pads, shelter, toys, bedding) are funded through adoption fees, out of my very own  pocket, and your donations. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a (California) Tax Deductible Contribution, please contact me. Wal-Mart and PetSmart gift cards are also greatly appreciated!

Adopting a friend

Occasionally some dogs require more attention medically than others, for this reason there are adoption fees to help pay for these and other expenses related to caring for these dogs until a suitable home is found.  All available records will be transferred with ownership.

Please feel free to join the SBDR Yahoo Group for updated information on. A notice will be sent out to members as dogs become available.

Small Breed Dogs Rescue
Serving the SMALL DOG POPULATION of the Reno area of Nevada.
Email: smallbreeddog@charter.net