Friends of Feral Felines 2005
Our Rescue Organization

Who are We?

Friends of Feral Felines (FOFF) is a no-kill, non-profit, 501(c)-3 organization dedicated to helping abandoned, homeless and in-need cats and kittens.

The rescue was formed in 1998 after Amber encountered several feral cat populations here in Southern Nevada. Horrified by their plight, she decided to improve their lives and formed Friends of Feral Felines. Since 1998, Friends of Feral Felines has grown into a small but very busy rescue.

Each year, FOFF takes in numerous cats and kittens. Some cats are placed into new homes. Others live at our no kill sanctuary either waiting to be placed or permanently if they have FLV or behavioral problems. In 2004, We placed roughly 400 kittens into new homes here in the Las Vegas valley.

Where Our Cats Come From!

Cats come to FOFF from many different people, places, and situations. we rescue cats:

  • Whose owners can no longer keep or care for their cats.
  • Who are born to an unspayed stray or family cat and cannot find homes.
  • Who are stray, injured or abandoned without an identifiable owner.
  • Who are injured or out-of-time at public Animal Control shelters.

Where Do Our Cats Live?

Our cats live in foster homes, with the families that found or own them, and at our sanctuary. The sanctuary provides a permanent home for many unwanted, feral, and unadoptable cats. The sanctuary also provides a home for cats infected with FLV allowing them to live out theirs lives is a loved and cared for environment.

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