Friends of Feral Felines 2005
Be A Foster Home

Foster Homes are Needed!

We receive an average of 20 calls each day from people asking us to help or take cats and kittens. Often, the cats are taken to the overcrowded public animal shelters if we cannot help. The number of cats needing help is overwhelming. Our ability to rescue cats depends on the number of foster homes we have available. We rely on the generosity of cat lovers to provide these foster homes. More Foster homes are always needed!

As a foster home, you are asked to provide your foster cat with love, attention, basic care, and transportation to vetinary appointments and weekend adoptions.

What Cats need Foster Homes?

Many different cats and kittens need fostering. You can foster:
  • Stray, homeless or abandoned adult cats.
  • Cats recovering from injury, illness or abuse.
  • Cats from local public shelters that will be put down if not rescued.
  • Pregnant moms and moms with kittens.
  • Orphaned kittens from newborn to young adults.

Cats with known infectious diseases or behavioral problems are NOT placed in foster homes. Feral Cats are NOT placed in foster homes. These cats are taken to the sanctuary. Foster cats who are deemed un-adoptable are transferred to the sanctuary as well.

Why Be a Foster Home?

Being a foster home is a simple and effective way to help homeless cats. Many people find providing foster care a rewarding and enjoyable experience, developing a strong relationship with their rescue cat or kittens.

For a cat or kitten, a foster home provides a safe and 'normal' place to live and grow that makes them healthier, friendlier and happier cats.

An Adoption Alternative!

If you love cats but cannot adopt right now - being a foster home is an excellent alternative to ownership. You can provide care and attention to a cat or kitten without making a long-term commitment. The only thing you need is an abundance of love.



Become a Foster Home.

If you are interested in being a foster home, please email us at and provide your name, email address and phone number. We will contact you in the next couple of days to talk about fostering. If you prefer, you can simply visit us at weekend adoptions at PETCO.

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