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Meet Kath!

This is Kath!

Kath and her husband Bob live in the FingerLakes in NYS with her black Cocker Spaniel, Willow, and her foster Cocker Spaniel, Diamond. Kath grew up sewing and put it aside for many years while her children were growing up and she was working full time, there just was not time to fit it into her busy life.

Kath got involved with CockerPals in 2001, while looking for a cocker to adopt. She started out fostering and has found her love in fostering the senior cockers. Many senior Cocker Spaniels have lived out their last years with Kath and her husband since 2001 and each has left an impression. In August 2006 Lucy came to live with them. Lucy was born with dwarfism and had some disablities. In wanting to make sure Lucy was warm enough in the winter, Kath dusted off her sewing machine and made her several warm fleece coats. Then Bud came along and Kath made belly bands. Her husband, Bob, suggested after bath coats to keep the seniors from shivering when they get bathed. Her most recent addition to her shop are Snoods to keep those long cocker ears clean while the dogs are eating. Lucy and Bud are now both at Rainbow Bridge.

The senior cockers who have lived with them got so much support from CockerPals. Kath wanted to find a way to show her appreciation so she offered to make Fleece Coats, Towel Coats, Snoods and Belly Bands for the Cocker Rescue online auctions and now has offered to have these items for sale in the Pals HodgePodge Shop, in which Kath is now featured in her own shop Kath's Korner.

If someone is interested in having something made for their dogs, Kath is willing to try to work out a pattern and make it, so please ask if you have something different in mind. With the addition of a new embroidery sewing machine, Kath now can do custom embroidery and personalization on many items. Custom embroidery pillar candles for a pet who has gone to the Bridge have been added, or you can also get the candle with just an embroidered design of your favorite breed of dog, depending on availability of breed designs. Kath has also added embroidered fleece blankets which can be personalized as well as matched to a Custom Candle design.