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Luna's Legacy Fund was created in memory of Luna by her "mom" Gretchen. Luna lost her sight to PRA which is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Gretchen's wish and hope is that Luna's Legacy Fund will aide in the treatment for other dogs losing their sight. All donations to Luna's Legacy Fund will be specifically used for this purpose. Each dog we are able to help with these donations will be featured on this website.

Donations can be made using PayPal or you can send a check (payable to CockerPals/Luna's Legacy Fund) to:

Luna's Legacy Fund
c/o CockerPalsRescue
PO Box 351
Hobart NY 13788
Phone: 607-538-9895

Please click here to see Luna's Legacy Fund Recipients

About Luna ... by her Mom, Gretchen:

How can I ever forget that one morning when Joan brought Luna to meet sweet Buffy had gone to Rainbow Bridge 6 months earlier and I was still afraid to open my heart again. When I saw this absolutely beautiful little buff and white girl walk up the driveway, I knew that it was time to heal and love again...and love I did...and still do.

Luna was so timid and so scared that she just hid on the couch and I had to hand feed her there or on the bed. She had been crated for most of her days and was so unsure of herself. It took a lot of time and patience but that little "Butterscotch Sundae" sure came around. She loved to run in the yard, sniff whatever and whenever she could but her real passion was food.

Luna lost her sight to Progressive Retinal Atrophy and even after she lost her sight to PRA, her little wiggle nose sure could find treats and her dinner with no trouble. PRA is a hereditary disease of the eye. The retina degenerates from puppyhood during life. It always affects both eyes and is first noticed with night blindness or poor vision in subdued lighting. The progession of PRA takes months or years to develope to total blindness. There is no treatment to reverse this degeneration. Blindness generally occurs from ages 1-7 years of the dogs life.

It was in late Novemeber 2009 when we knew something more was wrong with Luna. Her breathing was more and more labored and her heart rate was very irregular. She, unfortunately, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. We tried every treatment available from transfusions to drugs but that insidious disease took her precious life.

She taught me so much about life and love...and I hope, through Luna's Legacy Fund to help other cockers with vision problems. That Luna can live on and help others that have vision / sight problems enjoy life to the fullest.

Run free sweet girl, I will always love you!