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This page is a tribute to our beloved Mollie "Logo"

This is Mollie


January 1, 2002 - December 8, 2014

We can never imagine writing a memorial for our beloved pets. I certainly did not envision writing Mollie's but this is what I find myself doing. My sweet Mollie made her journey to Rainbow Bridge on December 8, 2014. She left this world peacefully, cradled in my arms, looking into my eyes and me telling her how precious and loved she is and always will be. RIP my precious Mollie, your legacy will live on forever as CockerPals "logo" girl and I will always love you for the special girl that you are. You were one in a million and I'm so glad you were mine.

Mollie came to Joan at Pals in March 2003. A little wisp of a girl, so shy and frightened. I saw Mollie's picture and told Joan I would love to give her a home and so on March 30, 2003, Mollie became part of my family!

Mollie became Pals "logo" by chance. Artist Laura Bolle offered Joan a drawing and Joan chose Mollie, much to my surprise! The Mollie Logo has become the face of Pals over the years. What a huge legacy for a quiet little girl!

This is Mollie Logo

Everyone who met Mollie adored her. She is sweet, gentle and loving and had the most delicate little face. I always said I could have ten of her and it would be no trouble at all. Mollie loved her cocker brother and sisters, she loved children and adults too. Many times over the years people would say if they could have a Mollie, they would get a dog. Despite the fact that Mollie adored everyone, she was very shy and large crowds caused her to seek out the farthest corner and become invisible. My little scaredy girl. She enjoyed quiet attention and she did love to snuggle. However, she could stand her ground when need be. She loved rawhide chews, bouncy balls and squeaky toys. She would run from one end of the house to the other fetching her toy or just tossing it and kicking it around by herself to have a fun time.

Mollie loved to romp outside and chase squirrels and birds (sometimes cats too). She would sit for hours on top of the sofa cushions and watch outside. One day Mollie was outside and caught a butterfly in her mouth! She looked at me in utter surprise! She opened her mouth and the butterfly flew back out...that is how gentle Mollie was. If someone was sick, be it human or fur, Mollie was first by their side and would stay there to comfort them. Such concern would show on her face and in her demeanor.

In May 2013 Mollie became ill, losing a lot of weight. X-Rays showed a tumor. I chose not to have surgery done as it was not clear what we were dealing with. The expectation was a few months, at best. Mollie beat those odds and , lived 17 more wonderful months! She was diagnosed with transitional cell carcinoma this year and did well taking Piroxicam for a couple of months. Sadly, the cancer took over and it became increasingly apparent that it was time to let Mollie make her journey to the Bridge. There are hundreds of stories I could share about Mollie during the 12 years she was with me. She was a tresure in my life and always will be. For her first owner who turned her into a shelter at 15 months old....your loss was definitely my gain. To Joan at CockerPals, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for taking Mollie in and making her part of my family.

Mollie I will always love you. Your love and memories will help heal my heart. Your cocker sister, Hannah, and I miss you very much....Mommy (Dar) and Hannah

This is Mollie