CockerPals Rescue

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This page is a tribute to our Luna's Legacy Fund Recipients


This is Gwen


Gwen was one of our first recipients of the Luna Legacy Fund. Gwen came into CockerPals at a young 15 months old. She was a breeder turn in because she had developing cataracts and could no longer be used for breeding. Thanks to the Luna Legacy Fund we had Gwen's eyes checked out by an ophthalmologist and found she didn't need surgery at this time but could in the future. Gwen has been adopted and is happily living with her mom and cocker sister Holly!

This is Mandy!


Little Mandy can now see again thanks to the Luna Legacy Fund. Mandy found herself in a southern shelter with two big strikes against her - she was an older girl and was blind. Thanks to a wonderful woman in Tennessee who agreed to foster her, Mandy was safe. Her foster Mom took her to an ophthalmologist and it was determined Mandy was a candidate for surgery in one of her eyes but not the other. The cost of the exam and surgery was provided by the Luna Legacy Fund and now Mandy can see again! Mandy was adopted by her foster Mom and is busy exploring her new world.

This is Seamus


Seamus was blind when he came to CockerPals from the south and it was our hope that we would be able to help him see again. With the help of the Luna's Legacy Fund we took Seamus to Cornell where it was determined he was a good candidate for cataract surgery. Seamus had the surgery and it was successful but the next day Seamus developed glaucoma which couldn't be controlled and a chemical ablation was performed. While we are saddened that we were not able to restore Seamus's sight, we are grateful to the Luna Legacy Fund for giving him that chance.

This is Mick!


Mick had just turned 14 years old in February 2013 and in May I noticed his right eye bulging. A visit to the vet found that Mick probably had a tumor behind the eye and we were referred to an eye specialist for confirmation. He was seen within a couple of days and Dr. Abrams confirmed that indeed there was a tumor behind Mick's right eye. He also told us at that time that Mick was in pain and the eye and the tumor needed to be removed as soon as possible. It was an expensive surgery that I didn't have the money for. I had just had large vet bills for another dog and was looking at more and then Mick required this surgery. I was offered a helping hand from Luna's Legacy fund for Mick which I gratefully accepted. Mick had his surgery the same week and did very well. He is still doing well and looking forward to his fifteenth birthday in four months.

Mick and I are so very thankful to Luna's Legacy for helping us get Mick his surgery quickly.

This is Daisy!


Sweet little Daisy had cataract surgery on her left eye on January 8, 2014. It was determined her right eye was not a good candidate for the surgery. When I took Daisy in for the surgery she was very cautious and tentative. When we left a few days later, Daisy walked out with her head held high and much more confident in her movements. Daisy is thankful to all who helped her get this chance at sight by helping decorate her "Gift of Sight Christmas Tree" and generous donations and support.

This is Jojo!


JoJo came to CockerPals as a scared, skinny stray from South Carolina. Another (so-called) rescue had committed to taking him, but backed out when they found out he had a serious heart murmur and a blind eye. I sent Joan his picture and she stepped up to take him.

JoJo was then evaluated by both Opthalmology and Cardiology at Upstate Veterinary Specialists and continued to be followed there. His heart condition was under control with medication, and he would continue to need follow up exams to monitor that.

In April 2017, it was determined that JoJo had the start of glaucoma in his blind eye and a cataract eligible for surgery in the other eye. With his timid personality and faced with the knowledge that he would eventually go blind, we opted to do the cataract surgery to save his sight. We also decided to do a chemical ablation on the glaucoma eye to relieve the pressure and save the eye. The surgery was very expensive and with the help of, and huge thank you to, Luna's Legacy Fund, we were able to do the surgery. The initial surgery was a success, but sadly, a couple of months later, at different times, JoJo lost both eyes due to complications.

We will forever be grateful to Luna's Legacy Fund for being there when we needed it. Thank you Mz Luna and thank you Gretchen!

This is Paige!


Sweet Paige is a 4 year old blind cocker spaniel. She was a breeder turn in to a Dutchess County, NY animal hospital. Paige is a very sweet little girl and was put up for adoption. She has been adopted and is doing well in her new home. It has been determined that Paige is a candidate for cataract surgery on both eyes to regain her sight. Cataract surgery is an expensive surgery and for Paige, it will give her a new leash on life. I met Paige and she totally stole my heart. Donations are still needed to raise the necessary funds and the hope is that she can have her surgery in April. ' We are happy, through Luna's Legacy Fund, to be able to help this sweet girl get her life changing surgery.

This is Fred!


Fred, a 17 pound Pomeranian mix, was an unclaimed stray at a shelter on Marlyand's Eastern Shore in mid-July. I saw his picture online and fell in love. Except for excessive mats, everything looked normal. When my vet did the meet and greet checkup, she was startled to note that the lens of his left eye wasn't where it was supposed to be - it was floating behind his eye! She explained that as long as it stayed back there, it wouldn't be a problem, but if it moved, Fred would have issues. Sure enough, six weeks later, the lens did move and Fred was at risk for glaucoma if something wasn't done quickly. Luna's Fund helped to cover a portion of the surgery cost. Thank you! Fred feels so much better now and he has a lot more spunk. Based on the change in his personality, I believe that his eye was uncomfortable even when it looked normal....Kathi & Fred