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Online Adoption Application

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Please list place of employment for yourself and your spouse, if applicable.
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SPOUSE's name:
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Please provide the contact information of a veterinarian you have used before and plan to use with your new dog/cat? Vet references are checked.
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Vet records are under the name of:

HOME: Own or Rent
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If you rent, you must provide your landlord's contact information so that we may verify that you are allowed a pet.

List below all people who currently live at this residence:
Relation to You:

Does anyone in your house have any known allergies to dogs/cats?

List below any cats, dogs, etc. who currently live in your household:
Name: Type/Breed: Age: Sex/Neutered: How long Owned: Kept Where:

Have you owned a dog/cat before? (If Yes, please provide us with a brief history of what happened to it. If your last dog/cat died, please state dog's/cat's
name and date deceased.  Has your dog/cat ever produced puppies/kittens?)

Have you ever taken one of your dogs/cats to a shelter? If yes please describe circumstances.

Do you have a fenced area on your property?If yes, how high is thefence and approx how large is the fenced in area?
Please describe your home and yard (i.e., single family house, 1/4acre on well traveled street).
If you have no fence, how do you plan to have your new dog/cat relieve itself?
Do all adults work full time?
How many hours each day will your new dog/cat be alone?
How many hours each day will you spend time with your dog/cat?
Where will your new dog/cat be kept when it is alone?
Where will your new dog/cat sleep?
What sort of training do you plan on providing the dog/cat?

We request a  donation of 75 to 300 $. This money is to help in the rescue effort and for veterinary care.  Is this acceptable?

Please realize that dogs/cats need vet care throughout their lives, including yearly boosters, heartworm and flea/tick preventive meds, etc. If you
cannot afford a donation, can you afford the appropriate vet care? Please consider this before adopting.

Are these terms acceptable to you? If so, please indicate by signing below, (not needed if sent online)

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