Telephone hotlines have been set up for evacuees to request rescue of pets:

New York City hotline: 347-573-1561

New Jersey hotline: 1-855-407-HSUS

IMPORTANT Info formation from Lost and Found Pets Staten-Island 
HSUS Pets for Life Hotline in NYC: (917) 468-2938
Pets for Life can offer pet owners in need additional resources and services to enable them to keep their pets with them.

Lost Pets
If you know of any pets left behind by owners who evacuated, or if you left your own pets behind, please call the Pets Left Behind Hotline at (347) 573-1561.

Fill out a Lost Pet Report on the Animal Care & Control of NYC website. We suggest you go to the AC&C shelters to look for your lost pet. View locations.

The Manhattan and Brooklyn Animal Care Centers are open on a limited basis for adoptions, return-to-owners, and intake. Field services are active. Due to the storm, the Staten Island Care Center, the Queens Receiving Center, and the Bronx Receiving Centers remain closed as of Saturday, November 3.

There are a number of Lost & Found Pet websites on the Internet, including several new sites that have sprung up in response to Hurricane Sandy. We also suggest that you visit those sites as well. Among them are:

Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets
AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup
America’s National Lost & Found Pet Database
Animal Care & Control of NYC: Lost and Found
Bird HotLine
The Center for Lost Pets
Fido Finder
Flealess Market’s Lost Pets International
Helping Lost Pets
Internet Lost and Found
K9 Amber Alert
Lost and Pound Missing Pet Network
Missing Pet Partnership
911 Parrot Alert
PetAmberAlert Classified Ads
Lost-and Found Pets Staten-island

Phone: (212) 252-2350
 Please download, print and distribute Lost and Found Pets Information flyers for people in affected areas that don't have Internet access.
Disribute them in South/Midland Beach, New Dorp, Great Kills, Tottenville and all of the areasin Staten Island without power. Post them on telephone polls, give them out to people, to donation places and volunteers everywhere. Thank you!!

Help (all affected areas): has a list of local shelters that have reported needing help with volunteers or supplies.

Spread the word on Facebook: Hurricane Sandy Lost and Found Pets, has been set up to help people report lost pets and facilitate reunions of pets and their owners by giving people a place to share photos and information.

In Philiadelphia, Red Paw Relief has a Facebook page set up to facilitate animal rescues in the area.

Spread the word on Twitter: The Twitter hashtag #sandypets is curating tweets from shelters and rescue organizations about how volunteers can help.

Donate (all affected areas): Many animal shelters and local emergency shelters with pets need supplies. Donations of food, treats, cat litter, toys, blankets, towels, poop bags, and cleaning supplies such as paper towels, hand sanitizers and medical gloves, are desperately needed. Contact local shelters and evacuation centers.

Donate (all affected areas): The American Kennel Club started a permanent charitable fund to help search and rescue animals working after the hurricane, veterinarians who are providing medical care and shelters that are housing displaced pets. Visit their website to learn more.

Donate (all affected areas): Text ANIMALS to 20222 to donate $10 to Humane Society Disaster Relief Fund or text PREVENT to 25383 to donate $10 to help the ASPCA’s animal rescue efforts.

For more information and updates on what The Humane Society of the United States is doing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, visit their website.

Donate (all affected areas): PetSmart Charities, which is funded by donations, has dispatched six Emergency Relief vehicles to provide relief to 3,000 to 6,000 pets in need. You can support the program by making a donation online or calling 1-800-423-PETS.

Donate (all affected areas): Petco is running its annual National Pet Food Drive now through Nov. 11. Its program allows individual stores to choose where the food is most needed.

Donate (all affected areas): Best Friends Animal Society will be distributing pet food to shelters and rescues in affected areas, and helping to coordinate staffing and transportation relief needs for shelters and rescues. You can support the program by making a donation online.

Donate (NJ): Associated Humane Societies and Popcorn Park Zoo is in dire need of pet food. Donations may be dropped off at area locations or you can support their rescue efforts by donating online.

Donate: The American Humane Society’s 82-foot Red Star Rescue Rig, a mobile command center, is in New Jersey, helping animals in need. You can support their efforts through their web site. 


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