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8/28/2014 10:51 AM
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Welcome to the Crest-Care, Inc. website!                                    


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The Auction ends TONIGHT, Friday August 15th 2014 at Midnight Eastern time.  Don't miss out on the items you want


Hi All,


     A brief reminder that our auction ends TONIGHT (AUGUST 15th). All bids that are postmarked by12:00 AM (eastern) that come will be recorded and tomorrow evening I will post a list of our winners and their winning bid amount for each of the items.


     Winners can then remit payment via the paypal button at our website, or can remit payment via check (postal money order or paypal only if from Canada) made out to Crest-Care Inc, and send to our address below. Be sure to include the address you want your item(s) shipped to!


    Once payment is received I will notify the person donating the item to mail the item(s) out to the winners!


THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT! Together we save a lot of cresties in need!






Crest-Care Inc.


7 Hill Road


Kingston, NY 12401


REMEMBER............... It is not too late to visit the site, and if you see an item you would like to bid on send the following info by midnight tonight!

Your first and last name
Item number and description you are bidding on
Your bid amount




The following items have bid amounts on them thus far

#2    Motorcycle Bed- $45

#4.  Glittered Fushia Dress- $20

#6.   Star Shirt - $12

#7    Monkey Circles Knit Dress- $15

#9.   Handmade Pillow 1 LG Dog- $30

#10. Handmade Pillow 4 Dogs - $20

#11. Small Handmade Pillow -$15

#12  CC Lover Glass Block- $20

#13  CC Lover Glass Block-$15

#14  Harlequin Dolls- $30

#15. Cc Ribbon Key Chain (5 are available) High bids -$10 and $15


#16. Custom Ornament- $5


#17. Custom Ornament - $5
#18. Dallas Cowboy Ornament- $10
#22. Finger Towels-$25
#23  Three Pairs of Pajama's- $45 
#25  Lg Purple Shirt- $20
#26. XL Red Jacket - $10
#27. XL Green Jacket -$10
#28. XS Csmo Jacket- $10
#30  Lowes Gift Card- $40
#31  Medium Flaming Hearts- $20 
#32  Sm Flaming Hearts- $20 
#33. Med Halloween - $20
#34  Sm Rose Skulls- $20 
#36  Sm Pink Skulls - $20


      #37 Med Red Polka Dot- $10


# 38  Sm Skulls- $15

#40 Med Rose Skulls- $20

#41. Med Sugar Skulls -$20
#44  Elevated Dog Bed- $55

#45 3 Pair Pajamas- $50

#46. 3 Pair Fleece/ Flannel PJ- $45

#47. 3 Night Stay Condo in Beech Mt., NC- $180

#45.  I Love my Cat Ornament- $10

 We still have a few items that have not been bid on, so you may want to revisit the photo's on our website.






You can also see us on Facebook and Pinterest !!! 
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Any questions or issues, please contact the webmaster.  Thank you.

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